This is most of all my notes, images, algorithms etc summarized/unified in 
their recent forms. Here. I am 24 and started at 18 all this work. I make 
discoveries in my brain using mostly vision (visual language; shapes, cats, etc 
which has context, each explain each other like in a dictionary, a small world 
network of friendly connections).

Korrelan, I'm really sorry you won't be able to fully process the green/red 
colors being color blind but, it doesn't matter much lol.

I have 2 more videos to share but not yet uploaded. And 2 more notes. The last 
note will have some more very recent good data but these not yet given are of 
less immediate importance. The long file though does have a lot of recent 
knowledge in it though still. It's better you know all it, at least the movie.


Code-only of my advanced-ngram 'gpt2':
The software was made on a
The software was made on a wide variety of devices, and operating apps and 
applications that users can easily read as an app for android. It is a bit of a 
difference, but i was able to get it. The developers are not going to make it 
through a web applications, and devices i have seen in the running for the 
mobile apps. Applications allows users to access applications development 
tools, and allow applications of the app store. A multimedia entertainment 
entertainment device, and allows platforms enabled access to hardware 
interfaces. Using a bit of html application app developers can enable users to 
access applications to investors, and provide a more thorough and use of 
development. The other a little entertainment media, and user development 
systems integration technology. Applications allows users to automatically 
provide access to modify, optimize capability allows users to easily enable. 
Both users and software systems, solutions allowing owners software solutions 
solutions to integrate widgets customers a day. And if you are accessing 
services product, and mobile applications remotely access to the software 
companies can easily automate application access to hardware devices hardware 
systems creators and technologies. Builders and developers are able to access 
the desktop applications, allowing users access allows users to
((I checkd the 400MB, not too long copies pastes, like only 3-5 at most))

I almost got gpt2 understood as shown at end of movie but need help, anyone 
understand it's inner workings? Looking to collaborate.

I recommend you do this as well and mentor each other.

more data by my top-of-mind pick:
AGI is an intelligent Turing Tape. It has an internal memory tape and an 
external memory tape - the notepad, the desktop, the internet. Like a Turing 
Tape it decides where to look/pay attention to, what state to be in now, and 
what to write, based on what it reads and what state it is in. The what/where 
brain paths. It will internally translate and change state by staying still or 
move forwards/backwards in spacetime. It'll decide if to look to external 
desktop, and where to look - notepad? where on notepad? internet? where on 

It's given Big Diverse Data and is trying to remove Big Diverse Data 
(Dropout/Death) so it can compress the network to lower Cost/Error and hence 
learn the general facets/patterns of the universe exponentially better while 
still can re-generate missing data despite having a small world network (all 
quantinized dictionary words explain each other). It uses Backpropagation to 
adjust the weights so the input will activate the correct node at the end. That 
node, can be activated by a few different sorts of images - side view of cat, 
front view of paw, cat ear, mountain, it's a multi dimensional representation 
space, Since the network Learns patterns (look up word2vec/Glove, it's same as 
seq2seq) by lowering error cost by Self-Attention evolution/self-recursion of 
data augmentation (self-imitation in your brain using quantinized visual 
features/nodes), it therefore doesn't modify its structure by adjusting 
existing connections (using weights/strengths) to remove nodes, it rather 
adjusts its structure by adjusting connections weights to remove error and 
ignores node count Cost.

Intelligence is defined as being flexible/general using little data, but walker 
bots are only able to solve what is in front of themselves, we need a thinker 
like GPT-2, and you can see the mind has evolved to simulate/forecast/predict 
the future using evolutionary mental RL self-imitation self-recursion of data. 
And intelligence is for survival, immortality, trying to find food and breed to 
sustain life systems, it's just an infection/evolution of matter/energy / data 
Artificial General Intelligence List: AGI
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