Moving-Wave Algorithm of Mentifex Mind.Forth AI

Mentifex Mind.Forth AI is adopting a Moving-Wave Algorithm 
of activation spreading over the robot mindgrid.

Activation Rules -- Moving Like a Wave Through the Mindgrid

1. With A New Concept 

For new concepts being learned as input, the HCI module has the 
"uract" variable with a value of, say, 32, that functions in the 
Parser module to assign activation "act" going into Instantiate. 
It may be possible to stop using "uract" and use only "act". 

Since a new concept may be learned at any time, both old concepts 
and new concepts should receive the same general activation level. 

In a radical departure from previous lore, we should perhaps 
consider giving new concepts only a partial, incomplete activation. 
After all, what the Mind itself is thinking, is more important 
than what a keyboard user may be saying to the Mind. Any input 
idea is already receiving attention from the Mind, but must 
compete with thoughts-in-progress for domination of the 
sovereign chains of thought of the Mind. 

When the robot Mind listens to the human keyboard user, 
the input information is duly recorded as associatively 
tagged engrams in the auditory memory channel. Whether 
or not the information of human origin sways the Mind of 
the robot, is a matter of the state of mind of the robot. 

2. With Known Concepts oldConcept module 
recognizes a known word. Activate module 
imposes __ units of activation. spreadAct-Module 
passes __ units to "pre" and "seq" concepts.

3. During Generation of a Sentence of Thought 

Activation only really matters during generation of thoughts, 
not during the reception of input from a human keyboard user. 

A case could be made for the notion that a question entered by 
a human user should receive a higher activation than a mere 
statement entered by a human user. Various question words or 
auxiliary verbs could trigger the higher activation. 

A threshhold of activation must be surpassed for inclusion of concept
in a sentence. The psiDecay module constantly decrements activation 
of unused concepts. "Bulge" occurs when both noun and verb pass 
activation to a direct object. If multiple successive inputs use 
different subjects but the same verb, routing of activations must 
still select the proper associations among concepts. 

The generation process itself may spur the activation 
of each next word in a sentence. It is not necessary 
to pre-activate all the words in a sentence. The 
process of NLP generation "chases" activation from concept to concept. 

The general idea for sustaining chains of thought is that winning 
concepts selected for thought-generation shall be assigned such 
transitory-but-high activations that the winning concepts manage to 
do their work before they, too, succumb to the psiDecay assaults. 

The notion of the Moving Wave Algorithm conforms to the general brain-principle 
that everything is inhibited unless specifically activated. 
The module tries 
to suppress the activation of concepts, but the meandering 
chain of thought "goes against the grain" by passing the 
baton of activation from concept to concept. 

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