Dear list,

Attached please find a paper I wrote for submission to the upcoming AGI
conference in Memphis, TN next year. On 7 pages it summarizes my thoughts on
benevolence that I have worked on putting in book form over the past year
and a bit and concludes with proposing a super goal for an upcoming self
improving AGI.

I would appreciate getting your feedback on my thoughts and any suggestions
for improving the paper and thus increasing its chances of getting accepted
for the conference.

The 50'000 word novel the paper's core concepts are based on, is currently
in the process of being edited and I plan to publish it before the end of
July. Location for free download will be communicated here on the list.

Many thanks,

Stefan Pernar
App. 1-6-I, Piao Home
No. 19 Jiang Tai Xi Lu
100016 Beijing
Mobil: +86 1391 009 1931
Skype: Stefan.Pernar

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