Lossless compression can be far from what intelligence does because
structure of categorization that intelligence performs on the world
probably doesn't correspond to its probabilistic structure.

As I see it, intelligent system can't infer many universal laws that
will hold in the distant future and will help it in going through
life. Instead it prepares a 'toolkit' (long term memory) that enables
it to quickly assemble such categorization 'on the spot', from
short-term memories and immediate perception. So, for each possible
short-term experience intelligent system with given long term memory
can create a category (defined by set of activated concepts). Each
possible category defines an equivalence class of possible
experiences. These categories don't necessarily come with probability

On 10/4/07, Russell Wallace <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On 9/23/07, Matt Mahoney <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I realize that a language model must encode both the meaning of a text 
> > string
> > and its representation.  This makes lossless compression an inappropriate 
> > test
> > for evaluating models of visual or auditory perception.  The tiny amount of
> > relevant information in a picture would be overwhelmed by incompressible 
> > pixel
> > noise.
> I don't think that's a showstopper. Clearly the entropy of video is
> higher, as a percentage of the uncompressed file size, than is the
> case for text, but tests are relative. Suppose the best lossless video
> compression achieved at a given time is only 10% (though I think we
> could do better than this). A program that improved this to 11% would
> still be measurably, objectively better than the competition.
> There is also the consideration that text compression is of no real
> value, because frankly text is already small enough that it doesn't
> need to be compressed. Better lossless image and video compression, on
> the other hand, apart from being of more potential relevance to AI
> would also be of value in its own right - there are a lot of
> situations where it would be better to not have to throw away any of
> the information.
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