MessageEdward:The biggest brick wall is the small-hardware mindset that has 
been absolutely necessary for decades to get anything actually accomplished on 
the hardware of the day

Completely disagree. It's that purely numerical mindset about small/big 
hardware that I see as so widespread and that shows merely intelligent rather 
than creative thinking.  IQ which you mention is about intelligence not 
creativity. It's narrow AI as opposed to AGI.

Somebody can no doubt give me the figures here - worms and bees and v. simple 
animals are truly adaptive despite having extremely small brains. (How many 
cells/ neurons ?)

I disagree also re how much has been done.  I don't think AGI - correct me - 
has solved a single creative problem - e.g. creativity - unprogrammed 
adaptivity - drawing analogies - visual object recognition - NLP - concepts -  
creating an emotional system - general learning - embodied/ grounded knowledge 
- visual/sensory thinking.- every dimension in short of "imagination". (Yes, 
vast creativity has gone into narrow AI, but that's different).  If you don't 
believe it takes major creativity (or "knock-out ideas" pace Voss) , you don't 
solve creative problems.

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