Long ago I figured out how to build digital incremental transmissions. What
are they? Imagine a sausage-shaped structure with the outside being many
narrow reels of piano wire, with electrical and computer connections on the
end. Under computer control, each of the rings can be independently
controlled to rotate a specific distance playing one strand out while
reeling another strand in, pull a specific amount, or execute a long
coordinated sequence of moves. Further, this is a true infinitely-variable
transmission, so that if you command a ring to turn REALLY slowly, you can
exert nearly limitless force, or at least enough to destroy the structure.
Hence, obvious software safeguards are needed. Lowering a weight recovers
the energy to use elsewhere, or return out the supply lines. In short, a
complete android musculature could be build this way, and take only a tiny
amount of space - MUCH less than in our bodies, or with motors as is now the
case. Little heat would be generated because this system is fundamentally

Nearly all of the components are cut from flat metal stock, akin to
mechanical clock parts, only with much beefier shapes. Hence, it is both
cheap and strong. Think horsepower, available from any strand. The strand
pairs would be hooded up to be flexor and extensor muscles for the many
joints, etc.

I haven't actually built it because I haven't (yet) found a customer who
wanted it badly m enough to pay the development costs and then wait a year
for it. However, this would sure make be an enabling system for people who
want to build REAL robots.

Does anyone here have ANY idea what to do with this, other than putting it
back on the shelf and waiting another decade?


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