So give us an example of something that you are going to test, and how your
experimental methodology would make it clear that the dots can be connected.

On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 3:36 PM, David Jones <> wrote:

> Jim,
>  I was trying to backup my claim that the current approach is wrong by
> suggesting the right approach and making a prediction about its prospects.
> Then, when I do make progress or don't, you can evaluate my claims and
> decide whether I was right or wrong.
>  On Tue, Sep 14, 2010 at 2:21 PM, David Jones <>wrote:
>>> But, I also claim that while bottom-up testing of algorithms will give us
>>> experience, it also take a very long time to generate AGI solutions. If it
>>> takes a group of researchers 5 years to test out a design idea based on
>>> neural nets, we may learn something, but I can see from the nature and
>>> structure of the problem that it is unlikely to give us enough info to find
>>> a solution very quickly.
>>> So, my proposal is to adapt to the complexity of the problem and create
>>> pseudo designs that can be tested without having to fully implement the
>>> idea. I believe that there are design ideas that can be tested without
>>> implementing them and that it can be clear from the design and the pseudo
>>> tests that the design will work.
>>> The reason that many AGI designs must be implemented and can't be proven
>>> on paper very easily, is because they are not very good designs. So, it is
>>> even clear to the designer that there is a problem and they can't see how to
>>> connect the dots and make it work. Instead of realizing that it has flaws,
>>> they just think they can get it to work after some is implemented. I think
>>> there are better designs that do not have this problem. There are designs
>>> where you can see why it will work without having to resort to obscure
>>> mathematics and emergence.
>>> Those are the sorts of designs that I am confident I can create using my
>>> methodology.
>>> Dave

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