Often we are told that the brain can be modeled as if it is made up of the
same pieces repeated over and over. We are told that the brain will be
reverse engineered by simulating these repeating structures. The blue brain
project is one example. Another is Terry Sejnowski who spoke at the
singularity summit and is trying to simulate the brain neuron by neuron. If
that were the case, wouldn't it make sense that the brain would distribute
gene expression evenly throughout?

The Allen Institute for Brain Science paints a different picture though.

http://mouse.brain-map.org/pdf/InformaticsDataProcessing.pdf (Page 8 has a
particularly cool picture)

It is my theory that the brain has built in heuristics for processing
everything from perceptual processing to pattern analysis. This genetic map
is proof that gene expression is affecting the way in which different parts
of the brain process data. As a result, this seems inconsistent with the
idea that the brain processes all input in similar ways, such as doing
pattern analysis. Unfortunately, it isn't that simple. I can also elaborate
on why it needs to process information using heuristics, which gives me very
strong reasons for preferring this interpretation over other the uniform
brain idea.


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