I submit the affixed proposal.



Title: Regulations v3
Adoption index: 3.1
Author: Aris
Co-authors: o, nichdel

Change the title of Rule 2125, "Regulation Regulations", to "Regulated Actions".

Amend Rules 2125 and 1023 by changing all instances of the word "regulated" to
"restricted", and all instances of the word "unregulated" to "unrestricted".

Amend Rule 2143, "Official Reports and Duties," by changing all instances of the
word "regulations" to "restrictions".

Create a new power 3.1 rule entitled "Regulations", with the flowing text:

  A Regulation is an instrument defined as such by this rule. A regulation
  allows an officer (known as the Promulgator) to exercise rule defined powers.
  A regulation is in effect continuously from the time of its creation to the
  time of either its revocation or the repeal of the rule that allowed for its
  creation. When recommending a regulation, its Promulgator must specify by
  number the rule(s) upon which it is based (the parent rules), the list of
  which becomes an integral part of the regulation. The list of rules can
  generally be modified by the Promulgator according to the procedure for text

  A regulation must be authorized by at least one rule in order for it to exist.
  A regulation has effect on the game insofar as the rule or rules that
  authorized it permit it to have effect, and a regulation generally inherits
  the power of its least powerful parent rule, unless its Promulgator defines
  a lower power. Regulations shall generally be adjudicated as if they were a
  part of their (least powerful) parent rule, except that their parent rule(s)
  always supersedes them. If reasonably possible, a regulation should be
  interpreted so as to defer to other rules. The procedure for resolving
  conflict between regulations is the same as it is for rules.

  Regulations are generally issued according to the following procedures,
  and they can be repealed by the announcement of their Promulgator. Alternate
  procedures may be used if provided for by all of the regulations's parent
  rules. If one parent rule specifies procedures that are more stringent than
  those that the other(s) specifies, those apply. Creating, modifying, revoking,
  or allowing for a regulation is secured at power 1.

  A regulation (or set of regulations) may generally be enacted or modified
  without 2 objections, or with Agoran consent. A notice pursuant to the
  previous sentence is known as a "recommendation", and the regulation(s)
  are said to be "recommended" to Agora.

Create a new power 1 rule, entitled "The Regkeepor", with the following text:

  The Regkeepor is an office, responsible for the maintenance of the
  Regulations. The Regulations are contained in the Regkeepor's weekly report,
  know as the Agora Nomic Code of Regulations (ACORN). E MAY publish multiple
  versions or editions of the ACORN.

  The ACORN is divided into titles, assigned by the Regkeepor, which are
  each given an integer.  Generally, each office with the power to create
  regulations SHOULD be assigned the next successive natural number. Title 0 of
  the ACORN is reserved for use by the Regkeepor, and nothing in that title
  need be a regulation. Non-regulations printed in the ACORN
  have no binding effect, and SHALL clearly be marked by the Regkeepor.

  Each regulation SHALL be assigned an ID number by the Regkeepor, consisting
  of a string of the characters [0-9] and separator characters. The Regkeepor
  SHOULD establish some way of keeping track of the version of a regulations.
  The Regkeepor MAY also, at eir discretion, create ways of marking special
  types of Regulation (even in violation of the previous restrictions of this
  paragraph), mark sections or titles as reserved for future use, and
  make such other discussions of arrangement, annotation, and marking as are
  necessary and proper in the execution of eir duties.

  The Regkeepor SHOULD remember that the purpose of the ACORN is to make the
  regulations easily readable, and e SHALL not act in a manner intended to
  deceive others in eir official capacity.

Make Aris the Regkeepor.

Amend Rule 2464, "Tournaments", to read in full:

   A Tournament is a sub-game of Agora specifically sanctioned
   to be initiated as a tournament by the Rules.  If a winner of a
   tournament is determined within 4 weeks of its initiation, that
   person or persons win the game, otherwise the tournament
   concludes with no winner. A Tournament is governed by a special temporary
   title of the ACORN, created in accordance with its parent rule,
   which have binding control over those who freely agree to play the tournament
   and over the tournament itself. Once the tournament is concluded, these
   regulations cease to have any effect, and may be repealed by any player by

Create a new power 1.0 Rule entitled "The Birthday Tournament", with the
following text:

   In a timely fashion after the start of June 1 of each year,
   the Herald SHALL propose a set of Regulations governing a
   Birthday Tournament for that year; the Herald CAN also
   delegate the responsibility for creating or running the
   tournament to another player, with that player's consent.

   The Birthday Tournament's regulations SHOULD be such that all
   persons who choose to participate have a fair chance of winning
   the tournament (according to its regulations), and a winner
   SHOULD be expected within 2-3 weeks following the tournament's

   After adequate time for discussion of the Birthday Tournament's
   regulations, the Herald (or delegate) CAN initiate a sanctioned
   tournament with a specified, finalized set of regulations,
   Without 3 Objections. By doing so e promulgates those regulations as a
   special temporary title of the ACORN. This title may thereafter be amended
   only by the Herald or eir designee without objection, to correct minor typos.
   The initiation SHOULD be timed to coincide with Agora's Birthday.

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