THE SCROLL OF AGORA

                                RECENT CHANGES

                                  CHAMPION by
                 Anarchy  scshunt
                   Cards  Taral, G., Murphy, OscarMeyr, root
            Championship  Wooble, root, Taral, OscarMeyr
                   Clout  ais523, scshunt
                  Escape  omd
              High Score  Elysion, G., Levi, Murphy(x2), Steve,
                          ais523(x3), Pavitra, omd(x4), scshunt(x2),
                          root, Wooble, Tiger, Murphy, BobTHJ, Walker
                   Junta  ais523(x2), the AFO, omd(x2), G., OscarMeyr,
                          scshunt, nichdel
              Leadership  ais523
                   Lotto  scshunt, omd
                  Maniac  Craig, root
            Musicianship  Zefram, ais523, Wooble, omd, Tiger
                 Paradox  G., Murphy, root, BobTHJ (x2), ais523, ehird,
                          scshunt, Bucky(x2), omd
                Proposal  Human Point Two, Morendil, Steve(x3),
                          Andre(x3), ais523(x4), Canada, Bucky, G.,
                          omd(x2), woggle, Spitemaster, allispaul,
                          Yally, BobTHJ, Murphy, Tiger, scshunt(x2),
                          Andon, Alexis
             Renaissance  ais523, scshunt(x3), Murphy, G.
                Solitude  ais523(x2), scshunt(x2), omd
        Via Ratification  The President
             Unspecified  Blob, elJefe, General Chaos, Steve,
                          Chuck, Dave Bowen, favor, Garth, Ian,
                          Jeffrey, KoJen, Michael, Oerjan, Swann, t,
                          Timothy, Troublemaker at Large, Vanyel(x2),
                          Wes(x2). *(7/6): Chuck, elJefe, Kelly, KoJen,
                          Morendil, Steve, Swann, Troublemaker at
                          Large; *(4/3): Chuck, Kelly, KoJen, Steve,
                          Troublemaker at Large, Wes; *(3/2): Chuck,
                          Kelly, Steve; *(5/3): Kelly, Steve; *(11/6):
                          *(N/P): Full patent title is Champion*(N/P)
                                  where N/P is the winning ratio.

                         ORDER OF THE HERO OF AGORA NOMIC
                             GRAND HERO OF AGORA NOMIC
                  Peter Suber, Chuck Carroll, Douglas Hofstadter,
                  Michael Norrish

                                HERO OF AGORA NOMIC
                                    Murphy, G.

                                 HIGHER EDUCATION
            Associate of Nomic (A.N.):               G.
            Bachelor of Nomic (B.N.):                elJefe, favor,
                                                     Steve, Vanyel,
                                                     Kolja A., Murphy,
            Master of Nomic:                         ais523
            Doctor of Nomic History (D.N.Hist.):     Swann, Vlad
            Doctor of Nomic Philosophy (D.N.Phil.):  Steve, ais523

      Coming of Age
       (awarded to Active Players on Agora's 18th Birthday, July 2011).
               root, ais523, Droowl, ehird, G., Gondolier, Math321,
               Murphy, omd, Pavitra, Roujo, scshunt, Tanner L. Swett,
               Turiski, Walker, woggle, Yally, The President

      Agora XX
       (awarded to players of the Agora 20th Anniversary blitz Nomic
        game, July 2013).
               Fool, omd, FSX, Walker, Chuck, ehird, Yally, Michael,
               scshunt, Roujo, Murphy, Goethe (G.), Steve, Blob, Tiger,
               woggle, Ørjan.

      Order of the Lemming
       (awarded to players who voted unanimously for a major change
        in the ruleset in Jan, 2014)
              omd, Max Schutz, ais523, Nichdel, Sprocklem, Khoyo,
              Yally,  OscarMeyr, Wooble, G., Telnaior, Roujo, Henri,
              Tiger, woggle, scshunt, Murphy.
      Badge of the Great Agoran Revival
       (awarded to Agoran persons from May 2017)
              tmanthe2nd, G., CuddleBeam, Ienpw III, nichdel, Alexis,
              o, Ørjan, Aris, Murphy, Quazie,
              Publius Scribonius Scholasticus, Sprocklem, Veggiekeks,
              Roujo, ais523, Gaelan, 天火狐, grok

                                  SILVER QUILLS
             Silver Quill 2014/13: scshunt
             Silver Quill 2015/07: ais523

                                    AND MORE
             :                         Andre
             Admiral:                  G.
             Agoran Spy:               pikhq
             Agoraphobe:               Antimatter, BethMo, Blue
             Bard:                     G., Maud, Elysion, Sherlock,
                                       Murphy, scshunt
             Boor:                     General Chaos, Macross, Murphy,
                                       Sherlock, elJefe, Crito
             Came Back in a Puff:      BobTHJ
             Cassandra:                G.,  Murphy
             Commuted in a Huff:       Wooble
             Distributor:              Steve, Taral, omd
             Elder Lurker:             David Nicol, Michael
             Entrepreneur:             Chuck
             Exorcist:                 Oerjan
             Fantasy Rule Catalyst:    Peter
             Fantasy Rule Compulsion   Zefram
             Fantasy Rule Conspirator: OscarMeyr
             Fantasy Rule Creator:     Murphy
             First violin:             G.
             H.:                       ais523
             Heroic Notary:            Murphy
             Historian:                Vlad
             Left in a Huff:           Waggie, Gecko, Kelly(x3!),
                                       Swann, KoJen, Zefram, Vlad,
                                       Andre, G., BobTHJ, P1-P100,
             Maniac:                   Craig, Peekee, root
             Nomic Thief:              Swann
             Originator:               Chuck
             Plagiarist:               ehird
             Prince of Andorra:        scshunt
             Scamster:                 Troublemaker at Large,
                                       Waggie, G., Steve, Murphy, root,
                                       OscarMeyr, ehird, omd, ais523
             Second fiddle:            omd
             Simon Said:               Wooble
             Sorcerer's Apprentice:    omd
             Unchampion:               aranea
             273rd Prepared Piano:     Murphy
             Princess of Agora:        Alexis

                              LONG SERVICE AWARDS
             Three Months:    Taral, G., Sherlock, Michael, Murphy,
                              OscarMeyr, root, Iammers, Wooble, Zefram,
                              ais523, BobTHJ, omd, PerlNomic
                              Partnership, the AFO, Sgeo, Tiger,
                              scshunt, Yally, woggle, aranea
             Six Months:      Michael, Murphy, OscarMeyr, root,
                              Sherlock, G., Zefram, Wooble, PerlNomic
                              Partnership, omd, ais523, scshunt, Yally,
                              woggle, aranea
             Nine Months:     Michael, Murphy, OscarMeyr, root, G.,
                              Zefram, Wooble, omd, woggle, aranea
             Twelve Months:   Michael, Murphy, OscarMeyr, root, G.,
                              Zefram, Wooble, omd

                            WINNERS' CUPS
             Paper Cup:     Dave Bowen, favor, Garth, Harlequin, Ian,
                            Jeffrey, Michael, Murphy, Oerjan, Timothy,
             Tin Cup:       Blob
             Glass Cup:     Swann, elJefe, KoJen, Troublemaker
                            at Large, Wes
             Crystal Cup:   Andre, Chuck, Morendil
             Gold Cup:      General Chaos
             Ruby Cup:      Steve
             Supreme Cup:   Crito

                          FROZEN EPHEMERA
    (An ephemeral Patent Title is one which, by the rules of the time,
     was used as a temporary gameplay marker rather than a permanent
     distinction, and this "temporary" distinction was not removed from
     the last holder(s) when the rule was repealed).
             Current Champion:         Taral
             Honorless Worm:           Kelly
             Miscreant:                Pakaran
             Pugachev:                 G.
             Robespierre:              G.
             Samurai:                  Michael, Murphy
             Shogun:                   Michael
             Zeitgeist:                Chuck (3848)

                       FUGITIVES OF THE OLD LAW
    (A Fugitive is someone who last left Agora before completing eir
     penal sentence - unofficial designation covers a range of penal
     codes over time).
          Elde, Time Agent, Antimatter, Proglet, Macross, root, Vlad,
          Morendil, Beefurabi, elJefe, Ziggy, Evantine, pTang, Blaise,
          Syllepsis, neil, Blob, Magu, Peekee, Cainech, t, Pakaran,
          0x44, Elysion, Quazie

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus

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