Registrar's Weekly Report

(all times UTC)

Date of last report: 30 Jul 2017
Date of this report: 06 Aug 2017

Recent events:

Players (17) (Rule 869, self-ratifying)

    Player               Contact                                 Registered
    ------               -------                                 ----------
    ais523               callforjudgement at yahoo.co.uk [1]     20 Mar 11
    Aris                 thoughtsoflifeandlight17 at gmail.com   13 Sep 16
    Murphy               emurphy42 at zoho.com                   27 Oct 07
    o                    owen at grimoire.ca                     12 Jul 16
    Sprocklem            sprocklem at gmail.com                  19 Oct 13
    天火狐                draconicdarkness at gmail.com           06 Nov 16
    Zachary Watterson [2]tannerswett at gmail.com                26 Mar 17
    Quazie               quazienomic at gmail.com                15 Apr 17
    P. Scholasticus [3]  pscriboniusscholasticus at gmail.com[4] 16 Apr 17
    tmanthe2nd           trstnbrdwg0 at gmail.com                13 May 17
    Gaelan               gbs at canishe.com                      15 May 17
    Ienpw III            james.m.beirne at gmail.com             21 May 17
    Veggiekeks           martinjroensch at gmail.com             25 May 17
    omd                  comexk at gmail.com [5]                 03 Feb 11
    V.J. Rada            vijarada at gmail.com                   07 Jun 17
    Bayushi              thelas.staloras at gmail.com            29 Jun 17
    nichdel              nichdel at gmail.com                    29 Jun 17
    babelian             kumarraja.ajay at gmail.com             29 Jul 17

[1] also ais523 at alumni.bham.ac.uk
[2] also known as Gumball
[3] In full, Publius Scribonius Scholasticus
[4] officially, but technically equivalent p.scribonius.scholasticus at 
[5] officially, but technically equivalent c.ome.xk at gmail.com

Fora (Rule 478, self-ratifying)

    Type         Location                              Typical use
    ----         -------- -----------
    Public       agora-official at agoranomic.org      official reports
    Public       agora-business at agoranomic.org      other business
    Discussion   agora-discussion at agoranomic.org    discussion
    Discussion   irc://irc.freenode.net:6667/##nomic   discussion
    Public       agora at listserver.tue.nl            backup

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    Subscribe or unsubscribe from tue.nl backup list:

    The IRC channel does not require subscription; set your IRC client to
    server irc.freenode.net, port 6667, channel ##nomic, and whatever
    nickname you like.

Other rules pertaining to this office
Rule 2139 (The Registrar)
Rule 1789 (Cantus Cygneus)

Watchers (4)

    The list of Watchers is not governed by the rules, but is
    traditionally maintained in the Registrar's Report.  If you'd like to
    be listed as a Watcher or removed from the list, feel free to email
    the fora or the Registrar directly.

    Watchers confirmed as of May 2017:

    Nickname          Contact
    --------          -------
    Ørjan             oerjan at nvg.ntnu.no

    Watchers confirmed as of May 2013:

    Nickname          Contact
    --------          -------
    Dave              davidnicol at gmail.com
    Phlogistique      noe.rubinstein at gmail.com
    Steve             zardoz37 at gmail.com

Publius Scribonius Scholasticus

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