After consideration, I think the Pink Slip is ineffective as it requires
Agora to come up with another officer.

Regardless of punishment, Telnaior will retain the Black Ribbon, so e as
profited for violating the rules.  (despite being switches, ribbons are
sufficiently "possession-like" to be considered a profit).

Therefore I issue a Blue Card to Telnaior.

Valuing the ribbon (and thus the profit) is very difficult as it's not
exchangable.  It is a fraction of a win, but a hard-to-get fraction.  I
think it's worth several shinies at least.  But I'll set something lower
to ensure the penalty is lower than the profit.

I think a fair assessment is eir January+Feburary salary for the office 
- 6 shinies - but mitigated by eir confession.  So penalty announced
is: 5 shinies.

On Sun, 11 Feb 2018, Kerim Aydin wrote:
> As referee I'm conflicted.  On one hand this is blatant use
> of office for personal gain, on the other hand I convinced myself
> when I was Tailor that the nature/ expectation of Black ribbons made this
> particular scam expected/ok.
> On Mon, 12 Feb 2018, Telnaior wrote:
> > This is a Notice of Honour.
> > 
> > I award a karma to Corona for letting us know of her inactivity.
> > 
> > I subtract a karma from myself for abusing the powers of my office as 
> > Tailor.
> > 
> > I Point a Finger at myself for posting a report I knew to be false.
> > 
> >

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