[I plan to pend a few before repealing shinies]

I submit the following Proposal, "Anyone can balance Karma", AI-1:
[Allows anyone to aid in balancing Agora's karmic books]

Amend Rule 2510 (Such is Karma): 

by replacing:
      2. Specify any other player 
      2. Specify any other player or Agora

and by replacing:
      3. Specify any player
      3. Specify any player or Agora

and by inserting the following list item after the list item numbered 3:
      4. Not result in Agora's karma moving farther away from 0.

and by replacing each instance of 'player' with 'entity' in the 
paragraph beginning 'When a valid Notice of Honour is published'.

Amend Rule 2511 (Karmic Balance) by deleting the paragraph beginning
'While the Karma of Agora is not equal to 0'.


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