Having received no objections, I so pend them.

On Thu, 15 Feb 2018 at 20:00 Alexis Hunt <aler...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I propose the following and intend to pend each of them without objection.
> Proposal: RTRW Cleanups (AI=3)
> {{{
> Amend Rule 1688 (Power) by deleting the paragraph "Power less than one is
> called Ephemeral power, and an instrument with a power less than one is an
> Ephemeral instrument.".
> Amend Rule 2141 (Role and Attributes of Rules) by replacing "the
> Rulekeepor SHALL assign a title" with "the Rulekeepor CAN and SHALL assign
> a title".
> Amend Rule 2221 (Cleanliness) by replacing "capitalization," with
> "capitalization, formatting,". [I wanted to clean up some list bullet
> formatting, but found the rule doesn't allow it.]
> Amend Rule 2124 (Agoran Satisfaction) by replacing "the Executor of the
> announcement of intent is not eligible" with "the initiator of the intent
> is not eligible". [This deserves a note: we previously defined the Executor
> of a message to be the player who sent it, but that definition disappeared
> at some time. The effect was that if you were acting on behalf of someone
> else to intend something, you couldn't support the intent. But this wording
> accomplishes roughly the same effect, since under the old interpretation
> you could just have the player you acted on behalf of to intend the intent
> support it, seeing as there was no prohibition on it.]
> Amend Rules 1728 (Dependent Actions) and 2124, in that order, by replacing
> each instance of "With N Supporters" (case-insensitive) with "With N
> Support".
> Amend Rule 991 (Calls for Judgement) by replacing "within a week" with "in
> a timely fashion".
> Amend Rule 2492 (Recusal) to read as follows:
>        A judge CAN recuse emself from a CFJ e is assigned to by
>        announcement. When a judge recuses emself from a CFJ, then
>        * the CFJ becomes unassigned;
>        * the recused judge becomes ineligible to be assigned as a judge
>          for a week; and
>        * the recused judge SHOULD suggest another judge for the CFJ to
>          make the Arbitor's job easier.
> Amend Rule 2427 (Yellow Cards), by replacing "MAY" with "CAN",
> Amend Rule 2449 (Winning the Game) by adding " once, by announcement" after
> "Patent Title of Champion".
> Amend Rule 2509 (Numerical Switches) by replacing "In particular, a
> "natural" switch is a switch with possible values of the non-negative
> integers." with "In particular, a natural or integer switch is a switch
> with possible values the non-negative integers or all integers,
> respectively."
> }}}
> Proposal: Random Bad Rule Cleaning (AI=3)
> {{{
> Repeal Rule 2443 (Expediting Proposals).
> Repeal Rule 2431 (Proposal Competitions).
> Repeal Rule 2530 (Poetry Duel Challenge Writ).
> Amend Rule 2160 (Deputisation) to read as follows:
>         A player (the deputy) CAN perform an action ordinarily reserved
>         for an office-holder as if e held the office if
>         1. the rules require the holder of that office, by virtue of
>            holding that office, to perform the action (this requirement is
>            fulfilled by the deputy performing the action);
>         2. it would be POSSIBLE for the deputy to perform the action,
>            other than by deputisation, if e held the office;
>         3. either (i) a time limit by which the rules require the action
>            to be performed has expired or (ii) the office is vacant.
>         4. either (i) the office is vacant, (ii) the aforementioned
>            time limit expired more than fourteen days ago, or (iii) the
>            deputy announced between two and fourteen days earlier that e
>            intended to deputise for that office for the purposes of the
>            particular action.
>         5. the deputy, when performing the action, announces that e
>            is doing so by deputisation.
>         When a player deputises for an elected office, e becomes the
>         holder of that office, unless the action being performed would
>         already install someone into that office.
> }}}
> Proposal: Crime Reform (AI=3)
> {{{
> Amend Rule 2143 (Official Reports) by deleting both sentences containing
> the word "crime" (case-insensitive).
> Amend Rule 2202 (Ratification Without Objection) by deleting the sentence
> containing the word "crime" (case-insensitive).
> }}}

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