I spend one coin to create the following contract, “Patches.”

If this contract has no coins, it accepts transfers of a single coin. If it has 
no papers, it accepts transfers of a single paper.

This contract maintains a piece of state known as the Patch Puddle, containing 
a set of Patches each consisting of a title, adoption index, author, and body 
of 50 words or fewer.

A proposal cycle is the period between the publication of two Promotor reports 
containing the contents of the Proposal Pool.

Any player may add a Patch to the Patch Puddle if this contract is not 
currently accepting any assets. Each player may do this no more than twice per 
proposal cycle.

Once per proposal cycle, Gaelan SHALL create and pend a proposal with the 
following properties:

Title: Any title containing “Patches”
Author: Gaelan
Co-authors: The set of all players who authored one or more Patches in the 
Patch Puddle
Adoption Index: The maximum Adoption Index of any Patch in the Patch Puddle
Text: The below text, followed by the contents of the Patch Puddle.
The patches below are not part of the effects of this proposal, and do not take 
effect as a result of this proposal except for as specified below.

For each of the patches below:
If the patch had been a full proposal distributed at the same time as this 
proposal, and the result of its resolution would have been FOR, the patch takes 
effect, gaining power equal to its Adoption Index. It can make changes to the 
gamestate as if it were a proposal with 


Upon the pending of this proposal, the Patch Puddle becomes empty. In a message 
where e pends such a proposal, Gaelan CAN cause this proposal to transfer 1 
paper to em.

Any player may amend this contract with 2 Agoran Consent, as defined in the 

I object to all intentions that do not satisfy all of these criteria:
- The intention was sent to agora-business, or agora-official if it is related 
to an office held by the player making the intention.
- The intention was not sent in a way designed to prevent people from noticing 
its existence.

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