I retract Blot Expansion v2. I submit the following proposal.


Title: Blot Expansion v3
Adoption index: 3.0
Author: Aris
Co-author(s): Ørjan

Amend Rule 2483, "Economics", by: {
  Appending "10. incense", as a new list item after "9. fabric"; and

  Changing "Stones, apples, and corn are considered unrefinable currencies;"
  to read "Stones, apples, corn, and incense are considered unrefinable

Amend Rule 2563, "Production Facilities", by appending

  "4. Temples
         -  Build Cost: 2 lumber, and 3 fabric
         -  Upkeep Cost: n-1 fabric
         -  Production Details: 3n incense
         -  Upgrade Costs:
            -  Rank 2: 4 coins, 1 lumber, 1 fabric
            -  Rank 3: 6 coins, 2 lumber, 3 fabric
            -  Rank 4: 8 coins, 4 lumber, 2 stones, 5 fabric
            -  Rank 5: 10 coins, 6 lumber, 4 stones, 7 fabric"

Amend Rule 2559, "Paydays", by appending "D. 3 incense", as a new list item
after "C. 2 papers".

Amend the rule defining welcome packages by adding as a new item, appropriately
numbered, at the end of the list "5 incense".

Create 5 incense in the possession of each non-zombie player.

Amend Rule 2557, "Removing Blots", by changing the first paragraph to read
  "A player CAN, by announcement, destroy N incense in eir possession to
  expunge N of eir blots. When e does so, e is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to publicly
  and grandiloquently apologize to the Spirit of the Game for eir grave crime
  in breaking the rules, to verbosely praise the same spirit, and to fervently
  request forgiveness."

Amend Rule 2556, "Penalties", by appending the text

  "A player CAN, with 7 days notice, deregister (exile) a specified player
  (the outlaw) who has more than 40 blots."

as a new paragraph at the end of the rule.

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