I present the following argument on the first docket to the court:

Your Honor, My Fellow Counselor V.J. Rada seems to have made a fatal
error in the presentation of eir reasons for Agora's eksallance. In
eir argument, e stated that e would present six reasons. However, he
proceeded to present five reasons. Your Honor, I do not believe that
making such false statements before the court should be tolerated.

Your Honor, while I concur with My Fellow Counselor Aris's objections
to many of My Fellow Counselor V.J. Rada's reasons, I intend to argue
that the arguments before the court are needless division. I believe
that My Fellow Counselors V.J. Rada and Aris are engaging in a petty
battle to divide the Great and Ancient Nomics when it would be most
beneficial to all, if the Great and Ancient Nomics were to come
together in cooperation to attempt to develop a better understanding
of the theory and practice of Nomic and develop a larger following to
address the problems that My Fellow Counselor Aris noted, regarding
the lack of dedication within the playerbase of the Great and Ancient
Nomic of Agora. To this end, I propose that a Joint Commissions on the
Shared Interests be formed to address those issues that affect the
Great and Ancient Nomics, with representatives from all interested

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