Whoops, forgot spelling. I submit this:

Your honor, I would like to bring another matter before the court. I hereby
> open arguments in docket #2, with the question "What is the goal of Nomic"?
> Docket #2
> I hereby request that the court consider a matter of the utmost urquincy.
> We're gathered here, in the Great and Ancient Nomic of Agora, to play a
> game of, well, Nomic. What is the object of this game? Is it to win? To
> have fun? To make the best nomic ever? I call to the attention of the court
> the fact that our economy might stop having problems if we knew what the
> goal of an economy was. To that end, I request that this docket may contain
> arguments about the successes and failures of the various nomics, whether
> great and ancient or otherwise, so that we can answer the all important
> question: what does Nomic attempt to accomplish?
> -Aris

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