I vote as follows and I act on behalf of Kenyon to vote as follows:

> 8077A*  twg             3.0   Patchy McPatchface
> 8078A*  twg             2.0   From each according to eir means
FOR - I don't think the exact rebalancing formula matters much as long as it's 
consistent. I just want at least _one_ of these to pass.
> 8079A*  twg             2.0   From each according to eir means v2
> 8080A*  Aris            2.0   From each according to eir means v3
> 8081A*  Aris, G., twg   3.0   Point Installation Act v2
> 8082*   twg             1.0   Gamestate correction for July 2018
> 8083*   G.              3.0   quorum fixes
> 8084*   Trigon          1.0   Needs more Competition
AGAINST - I think this is a bit of a knee-jerk response to the current low 
bidding; if we reduce the number of auctions and then the land system becomes 
more popular again, we'll just be back to the old ridiculously high prices. In 
my view the number of land auctions should be based on the number of players 
actively using the land system, although I confess I can't think of a 
straightforward way to manage that right now.
> 8085*   Kenyon, twg     2.0   Plain Old Bribery, Mk. II
> 8086*   Trigon, [1]     1.0   Revamping movement v3.1
> 8087*   Aris            1.0   Even Freer Proposals v2
> 8088*   Kenyon, twg     1.0   Return of the Zombie Loopholes

Also, I have two CoEs on the proposal list. Pardon me for not pointing these 
errors out in the draft report; I only just noticed them. Firstly, the adoption 
index of proposal 8085 is 1.0, not 2.0 - nice try! ;) Secondly, I am a 
co-author of proposal 8080.


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