On Tue, 16 Jul 2013, Alex Smith wrote:

More Interesting Timing Scams (AI 3, Proposal Fee Y20)
Add a new paragraph to rule 478, just before its last paragraph:
As an exception to the rest of this rule, no message is a public message
if, during the 1-hour period that ends when that message was sent, a
first-class player paid the Silence Fee (a Budget Switch) for the first
time that week.
[The idea is that you can stop a suspected votebomb or the like via
muting the lists an hour earlier. This is limited to 1 per week per
first-class player in order to avoid any potential of scams involving
chain-muting the lists. It's also not equivalent to just moving the
deadline 1 hour earlier; because silence can be effectively chained by
an alliance of players, it's not clear how many hours before the
deadline that a timing scam should be carried out. This shouldn't cause
R101 problems because most things can wait an hour, and it doesn't
remove anyone's right to participate in the fora, just their right for
their messages to actually do something.]

I note that this can just as well be used by the perpretators of a votebomb to allow them to make it early, and then silence any countermeasures until the end of the voting period.

Oh, and chaining silence may be somewhat tricky, since you have to wait enough for the next Silence Fee not to be canceled by the previous one.

Not that any of these things make this less interesting.


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