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On 4 August 2013 02:54,  <com...@gmail.com> wrote:
You may argue that after this long, there is probably *some* other reason why 
the platonic gamestate is wrong, and a few have been proposed over the years.  
But we try our best.

If sufficient mail archives were obtained, I for one would find it an
interesting long-term collaborative project to attempt to reconstruct
the current platonic gamestate of Agora from scratch, with the goal of
figuring out how to align it with what we've been assuming the
gamestate is at the end.

Aside from G.'s arguments, I would like to point out that there have been times when game actions where taken outside the list, in particular at some times votes were sent directly to the Assessor. Any undetected errors in recording these prior to the establishment of Ratification would seem to be utterly unfixable.


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