[Been pondering this since an IRC conversation with ais523 a while back 
on farming games].

Proto-proto:  To the Land Again

Rule: Weather and Land

     Temperature is an Agoran switch with values Neutral (default), hot, 
     and cold.  Rainfall is an Agoran switch with values Neutral 
     (default), wet, and dry.  Collectively these switches are known
     as the Weather, mon, and are tracked by the Weathermon, which is
     an office.  Hot, cold, wet, and dry are known as the weather's
     Land is a 19x19 grid of assets, where each Land Unit is uniquely 
     defined by X,Y coordinates, tracked by the Weathermon, with
     ownership restricted to Players and Mother Nature.  If land is
     in the LF&D, it is transferred to Mother Nature.  

     Planting is a switch for Land Assets with values Fallow (default),
     Reeds, Fields, Forest, and Pasture.  
     - Reeds are associated with hot, wet, weather and the currency
       Papyrii (singular Papyrus).
     - Fields are associated with hot, dry, weather and the currency
     - Forest is associated with cold, wet weather and Forest and the
       currency Wood.
     - Pasture is associated with cold, dry weather and the currency
     Each of the above currencies is tracked by the Foremon [note: 
     former Yakmastor], and are collectively known as Commodities.  
     Commodities can be owned by players or the Storehouse, and if
     owned by the LF&D are transferred to the Storehouse.  The foreman
     is an Office and represents the Man, mon.   

Rule:  Crops

     In a timely fashion before the beginning of each month, the
     Weathermon CAN and SHALL, by announcement, set the weather by
     setting each weather switch as follows:
       - If the switch is in the neutral state, stay in the neutral
         state with probability 0.5, and flip to one of the extremes
         with probability 0.25 for each extreme. 
       - If the switch is in an extreme state, stay in that extreme
         state with probability 0.5, flip to neutral with probability
         0.4, and flip to the other extreme with probability 0.1.
     At the beginning of each month, the following events occur in this
       1.  All commodities in the storehouse are destroyed.
       2.  Each unit of land owned that has an associated commodity, 
           and is owned by a player, produces N units of that commodity 
           in the possession of that player, where N is the square of
           (1 plus the number of othogonally adjacent land units of the
           same planting owned by the same player); if weather is the
           the weather associated with that land type, N is double this
       3.  Half of each player's total production for each commodity,
           rounded down, is transferred to the Storehouse.       
      In a Timely Fashion after the begnning of each month, the Formon
      CAN and SHALL pay out salaries from the storehouse [...] 

      [salaries from budget, with each Yak being substitutable by one 
       unit of raw currency of the foremon's discretion, so the salary 
       can be a mixed purse summing to the budget.  Budget may need to 
       be re-leveled overall].

Rule:  Products

     If the rules state that a certain asset (a Product) can be 
     manufactured out of other assets (the raw materials), then 
     manufacturing is done by destroying the specified raw materials and 
     thus creating an instance of that product.  
     - Stamps are a currency tracked by the Promotor.
     - Icons are a currency tracked by the CotC.
     - Households are a currency tracked by the Assessor.
     - BBQs are a currency tracked by the Returning Officer.
     Any Player CAN, by announcement:
     - manufacture one Stamp in eir possession out of 60 Papyrii, 60 
       Corn, and 60 Wood in eir possession.     
     - manufacture one Icon in eir possession out of 60 Papyrii, 60 
       Corn, and 60 Yaks in eir possession.
     - manufacture one Household in eir possession out of 60 Papyrii, 
       60 Wood, and 60 Yaks in eir possession.
     - manufacture BBQ in eir possession out of 60 Corn, 60 Wood, and 60 
       Yaks in eir possession.
     The Foremon CAN manufacture each of the specified products into
     the possession of the Storehouse, using the set of raw materials 
     specified for each product above, where the raw materials are owned 
     by the Storehouse, except that for each raw material specified 
     above, half as much of that raw material is required for 
     manufacture.  The Foremon SHALL NOT do so except as permitted by 
     the Rules. 

     In a timely fashion after paying all salaries each month, the Foremon
     SHALL manufacture products of eir choice in the storehouse, until 
     there are insufficient raw materials in the storehouse for the
     manufacture of any product.  

Rule:  Portfolios

     A player's Portfolio is the set of Commodities and Products e
     possesses.  A player's Portfolio Value (PV) is the sum of:
     - 1 for each unit of a Commodity that e possesses;
     - 200 for each unit of a Product e possesses.
     A Business Plan for a player is a document clearly labelled as a 
     Business Plan for that particular player, that clearly lists an
     explicit set of commodities and products (i.e. a specific desired 
     portfolio) with a PV of 1,000,000 or more.
     A Player CAN put an SHA-1 hash on record as being a hash of eir
     business plan, by publishing the hash with clear intent to do so.  
     Doing so removes any of that player's previous hashes from 
     the record.  A player's business plan is considered Revealed if e 
     has published it, if it specifies a sufficient portfolio for a
     Business Plan, and if its SHA-1 hash matches the hash currently on 
     record for em.
     If a Player's business plan hash is currently and has been on 
     record continuously (without being replaced) for the preceding 4 
     weeks, and the business plan is revealed, and the player holds a 
     portfolio has a equal or greater amount of every different currency 
     specified in eir business plan, e satisfies the Victory Condition 
     of Millionare. 
Rule:  Government Auctions  

      In a timely fashion after the 15th of each month:
      - The Weathermon SHALL initiate a number of auctions equal to the
      quorum for a decision to adopt an ordniary proposal, each for a
      randomly selected land unit owned by mother nature.  

      - The recordkeepor for each Product SHALL initiate an auction for
      between 1-3 units (at eir discretion) of the product that e is 
      recordkeepor for, where the items auctioned must be owned by the 

      The auction currency shall be a commodity of the recordkeepor's

      [may require auction rules re-write]
[FINALLY, re-write all usage rules so that:
   - Papyrii pay for Proposal Distributability.
   - Icons remove punishment units.
   - Houses increase Ordinary Votes.
   - BBQs increase General Election Votes.

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