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> Really?

Thought I'd use this to bring up my Next Big Idea:  Officer's Policies.

1.  A Policy is a document associated with an Office.  It can be changed
     w/o N objections or as part of an Election Campaign.  A Policy
     consists of numbered Procedures.

2.  An Officer who is found via courts to not obey eir Policy can be put
     up for election immediately.

3.  Policies can mint currencies, entirely controlled by their Procedures.

4.  Promotor's Policy:  All Proposals must be distributed before they are 14
     days old.  Beyond that, the Promotor's Policy CAN specify speed and

5.  Assessor's Policy:  The Max Voting Power on an Ordinary proposal is VMAX.
     Minimum is 1.  Beyond that, Assessor's Policy CAN determine how Voting
     Power is sorted.

6.  Speaker's Policy:  How judges are assigned exactly (within the "everyone
     gets approx. equal opportunity" in the rules).

7.  Herald's Policy:  The current way to Win.

This way, each Officer basically runs eir own subgame (eir Policy), and 
elections may be decided with whomever has the best Policy.

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