On Thu, 30 Jan 2014, Kerim Aydin wrote:

I intend, with Agoran Consent, to amend the OPERATIONS MANUAL by appending
the following, where [RR1..6] will be replaced with the sequence of six
lowest integers not already in use as clause numbers.

s/integers/positive integers/

RR1.  In a timely fashion after this clause takes effect, the Herald CAN
     and SHALL set each player's Score is set to a random complex number
     with a magnitude of 100, by announcement.  In a timely fashion after
     any new player joins, the Herald CAN and SHALL set the new player's
     score in the same manner.

s/is set//

RR3.  Each player has a Velocity, with is a complex number.  Each player's
     Velocity starts at 0.


RR6.  At the beginning of each week, the following events occur in order;
     i.  Each player i's velocity is changed by the vector sum over all
         other players j, of vectors with magnitude:
               GG * Mass(j) /(10+distance(i,j)^2)
         and direction towards each player j.

Might want to make it clear that the direction is measured from player i, which I assume is intended by the similarity to Newton's law.


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