On Fri, 7 Feb 2014, Kerim Aydin wrote:

On Fri, 7 Feb 2014, Alex Smith wrote:

+ 9 2 2 1 0 i

(Now Philomory has no operators, I have no operators but one 'i', and my
score is 0+92210i.)

Opinions sought on game balance:  should we implement omd's suggestion
of limiting huge jumps by allowing a max of P operators in a given weekly
play (I'd guess a P of 4)?  Other suggestions welcome (or happy to let
it play out).  -G.

A P of 4 means it takes at least 1000 weeks to win, seems a tad much.

Except that I see a possible loophole. "Operator" clearly doesn't mean the same as operator in math, since people are using digits, even in sequence. Which means, what happens if you use _only_ digits as your operators, once you've got a positive integer score?

Also what if you squeeze an i in the middle of a sequence of digits, mathematically that's most likely to mean multiplication...


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