On 2/13/14, 5:06 , Fool wrote:
>> Even if we were to interpret "win the game" as requiring gameplay to 
>> otherwise
>> cease, this action would be beyond the power of the Power-1 Rule 2419. Much 
>> of
>> Agora's gameplay is defined at Power > 1 and the rules allowing such gameplay
>> to continue would take precedence per Rule 1030. (And "winning the game"
>> cannot implicitly do any rule changes, because such rule changes would be
>> ambiguous.)
> The opposite, as I said! It has the power to award a win, it does not have the
> power to override the common-sense meanings of the words.

How does it have the power to award a win?

If "awarding a win" common-sense-meaning-implied "ending the game", then R2419
would be of insufficient power to do it.

- woggle

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