On Thu, 2016-09-15 at 00:59 -0400, Owen Jacobson wrote:
> Re-reading rule 106 suggests that the power of the proposed or
> amended rule is the minimum AI for the proposal, is this the only
> condition I missed last time around?

You're missing rule 2140, which is really the heart of the Power
system. Nothing with a lower Power can change, destroy or create
anything with a higher Power. Rule 106 states that an adopted
proposal's Power is equal to its adoption index. Thus, if you want a
proposal to be able to affect anything with power 3 (e.g. via amending
it), you'll need the proposal itself to have AI 3 so that it gains
Power 3 when adopted.

(At least, this is how it's meant to work. The Power system has been
scammed before, although there are no loopholes in it that I'm
currently aware of.)


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