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> On Sat, 2016-09-17 at 14:26 +0000, Alexis Hunt wrote:
> > The final issue of the case is to assign a valid judgement to the CFJ. My
> > options, per rule 591, are TRUE, FALSE, and DISMISS. DISMISS is not
> > appropriate in the circumstances, based on the facts of the case at the
> > time the CFJ was initiated and the text of rule 591, but the rules
> > otherwise provide no guidance as to preferring TRUE over FALSE. Thus, I
> > judge this CFJ FALSE.
> Beautiful. I suppose this relies on an argument that TRUE is not the
> same thing as true?

Well, rule 591 clearly says that I need only assign a valid judgment. It
appears, based on my reading, that DISMISS would have been valid but not
appropriate (whatever that means) while, by a similar implication, TRUE and
FALSE are both valid and appropriate. nichdel's interpretation, that TRUE
and/or FALSE are only valid for a true and false statement, respectively,
lead to the even more absurd result that any attempt to assign an incorrect
judgement fails platonically (since a judge can only assign valid


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