On Wed, 21 Sep 2016, Aris Merchant wrote:
> Um. New guy here. Sorry, but I'm a bit confused. If I'm getting this right 
> you're objecting... 
> To something you proposed? That doesn't sound right. I think I'm getting 
> confused? 
> Or what are you doing? And what doses the "do so mean"? I'm sorry, I'm 
> probably making 
> some error here.
> -Aris

Saying "I do so" when quoting a previous intent generally means "now that the 
period has passed, I do what I wrote above".

But I *think* ais523 is just being silly.  I pointed out earlier that I had in 
ratified the report so e didn't need to, so ais523 objects to eir own intent
(so it will fail) and then claims to do it - which does nothing since there is
an objection.  If I'm wrong, maybe ais523 will enlighten us...


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