Hi Alexis,

I didn't distribute your proposals because they both contain some
typos (see below); please retract and resubmit them. By the way, your
MUA ruined the layout of your proposals, so I had to reformat them.
Please adjust its settings accordingly.

On Fri, 14 Oct 2016 16:35:31 +0200
Luis Ressel <ara...@aixah.de> wrote:

> ID: pp1
> Title: Agencies
> Adoption index: 3.0
> Author: Alexis
> Co-author(s): 
> Enact a new power-3 rule entitled "Acting on Behalf" that reads as
> follows:
>       When a rule allows one person (the agent) to act on behalf of
>       another (the principal) to perform an action, that agent CAN
>       perform the action if it is POSSIBLE for the principal to do so,
>       taking into account any prerequisites for the action. If the
>       enabling rule does not specify the mechanism by which the agent
>       may do so, then the agent CAN perform the action in the same
>       manner in which the principal CAN do so, with the additional
>       requirement that the agent must, in the message in which the
>       action is performed, uniquely identify the principal and

and... what?

> [snip]
> Amend Rule 2124 (Agoran Satisfaction) by adding:
>       (4) if the action is to be performed With Notice or With T
> Notice. after bullet (3).

Good catch. This looks like a bug in the current ruleset.

> [snip]
> Enact a new power-1 rule entitled "Superintendent" that reads as
> follows:
> [snip]
>       The Superintendent's month report includes the Head and
>       properties of all Agencies.

s/month/monthly/. Also, it is common practice to reject proposals that
create a new office without providing an officeholder, so please add
"Install Alexis to the Superintentend office" or something similar.

> ID: pp2
> Title: Voting Strength Fix (PENDING, BUGGY)
> Adoption index: 3.0
> Author: Alexis
> Co-author(s): o
> [snip]
> Amend rule 2423 (First Among Equals) by replacing the second
> paragraph with:
>      On any Agoran decision to adopt a Proposal, the holder of the
>      office of Prime Minister has voting strength one greater than
>      e would have if e did not hold the office.

I'd prefer if this part was moved to a separate proposal. After all, I
don't see why we should remove the Prime Minister's double voting power
for elections.

> Amend rule 955 by replacing (Determining the Will of Agora) by
> replacing the text with:

Some superfluous words.

>       Each Agoran decision has a voting method, which determines how
>       voters may vote on it and how to calculate the outcome. The
>       strength of a ballot is the voting strength of the voter who
>       cast it on that Agoran decision.
>       The following voting methods are defined:
>       (1) AI-majority: the valid votes are FOR and AGAINST. Let F be
>           the total strength of all valid ballots cast FOR a decision,
>           A be the same for AGAINST, and AI becthe adoption index of
>           the decision. The outcome is ADOPTED if F/A >= AI and F/A >
>           1 (or F>0 and A=0), otherwise REJECTED.

s/becthe/be the/

> [snip]

Other than that, the proposals look good to me. Be sure to resubmit
them, I'll definitly vote FOR them (unless other issues arise).


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