On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 4:56 PM Kerim Aydin <ke...@u.washington.edu> wrote:

> On Thu, 1 Dec 2016, Kerim Aydin wrote:
> >       Rules to the contrary notwithstanding, Agora is satisfied with
> >       any intent to perform a dependent action is the Dictator is a
> >       supporter.
> I didn't notice until now that this allows (I believe) overriding any
> Without Objection waiting period, allowing the instant ratification of
> any document.
> (There is an interesting legal question over whether this would override
> the Rule Change waiting period, I could see a CFJ on that one going
> either way).
> In any case, I think this hits right on "non-negotiable" for me and,
> if not amended in a reasonably swift time, I think I would respectfully
> deregister.
> Cheers,
> G.
> It has always seemed to me that the dictator might be able to mess with
the CFJ system somehow (and do who knows what). I don't much like that idea
either (not planing to deregister any time soon though).


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