Would I be able to give the Weekend Court a try, perhaps? I might need some assistance at first with learning the ropes of what to consider when making a judgement and how to consider it, but I'm definitely interested in trying.

On 2017-10-22 11:18, Kerim Aydin wrote:

COURT GAZETTE [Arbitor's Weekly Report for 22 Oct 2017]

(all outstanding cases were cleared this past week - well done judges!)

Open Cases (CFJs)
[* = overdue, ! = <24 hours before deadline]
3576 assigned to Gaelan (due Sat, 28 Oct 2017 ~23:55:16 UTC)
3577 assigned to Aris    (due Sat, 28 Oct 2017 ~23:57:40 UTC)
3578 assigned to Aris    (due Sat, 28 Oct 2017 ~23:57:40 UTC)
3579 assigned to G.      (due Sat, 28 Oct 2017 ~23:59:58 UTC)
3580 assigned to G.      (due Sun, 29 Oct 2017 ~00:04:34 UTC)
3581 assigned to Alexis  (due Sun, 29 Oct 2017 ~00:08:50 UTC)

Recently-Delivered Verdicts and Implications
[** = consider for rules annotation, ! = delivered late]

!3570 by nichdel:  "G is Overlord of Dunce" was not an agency so "Ben
Öyle Öneriyorum" is not an agency.

!3571 by nichdel:  "G: Overlord of Dunce" is an Agency via ratification.

3573 by Alexis:  G. was the Speaker for the period of time indicated,
but maybe more than that (wording of CFJ doesn't quite get at underlying

**!3574 by Publius:  If a person is the head of an Agency and
deregisters, the Agency ceases being an Agency.  But if the person
re-registers, it becomes an Agency again.

3575 by V.J. Rada:  Oxford commas matter.

!3563 by G.:  Under the previous pledge rules, a pledge (in general)
could only be broken once.

3568 Moot concluded:  Case is REMANDED to o.

Bench Roster

Judge      Court[***]    Recent
-----      -----         ------
G.         Night         3556, 3567, 3563, 3579, 3580
Publius    Night         3558, 3561, 3574
o          Day           3568, 3565, 3572
Aris       Day           3557, 3562, 3577, 3578
Gaelan     Day           3564, 3576
Alexis     Day           3573, 3581
V.J. Rada  Weekend
Nichdel    Weekend       3571

Highest Numbered Case:   3581
[***] Court Descriptions

Day Court   [Default, rotate roster through as needed].

Night Court [Assigned quick turnaround cases (either trivial or
              game-urgent), generally promises to judge in 4 days].

Weekend Court [Backup/partial rotation, generally gets half as many
                cases each as Day Court].

Courts are informal relative levels of "interest" in judging as per
R991.  Players can change Court by notifying the Arbitor.

       Informational only - No actions are contained in this report.
       Information in this report is NOT self-ratifying.


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