On Fri, 2 Feb 2018, Reuben Staley wrote:
> Since rule 8004 obliterated the economy, I have created the following proto so
> that we can potentially do something with money soon.

Like the idea!

>       Tickets are assets. Each ticket has a switch with the possible
>       values of any 5-digit long combination of the numbers 0-9 called
>       its number switch, or "empty", defaulting to empty. A Ticket with
>       the value of empty is called "unmarked", and a Ticket with a non-
>       empty number is considered "marked".

(1) need to say that Treasuror is the recordkeepor for the number switch 
and (2) "number switch" is kind of close to "numerical switches" in 
R2509 so you might want a different name?

>       A player CAN set the value of a Ticket in
>       eir possession from empty by announcement. Two tickets CANNOT have
>       the same number unless the rules specifically state otherwise.

Self-contradictory?  The first sentence "specifically states otherwise" 
that a player can set eir tickets to any number.  Change to:  "a player 
CAN set the value of a Ticket from empty to a unique number" or similar.

>          A. For every Ticket with two digits in common...

I don't think that Agora will accumulate enough Shinies to pay these
awards out, in the current system.  Half of Agora's shinies are destroyed
each month and otherwise Agora only gets what players pay it.  Maybe
amend the Payday rule to state that Agora gets some shinies every payday?
Or just have the winnings be created in the player's possession rather
than transferred from Agora.

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