Super-early stage proto. The map used here was thrown together in about one 
minute, and would be replaced with a nicer one, probably with a completely 
different layout. I’m not even sure if it’s the size I say it is.

Rule: Cartogrophy
Power: 1

The cartograph[eo]r is an office. In eir weekly report, they must include a 
graphical map depicting any information described as being “tracked on the 
map.” Information too lengthy to fit on the map itself MAY be placed in a 
footnote referenced on the map.

Coordinates on the map consist of a X value ranging from 0 to 79, and a Y value 
ranging from 0 to 29. Graphical depictions of the map SHOULD place the origin 
in the bottom left.

A region is an entity with a name and a set of map coordinates contained within 
the region, both tracked on the map. Regions and their attributes can only be 
defined by this rule. A point is within a region if it is a member of the 
region’s set of contained coordinates.

A location [better name?] is an entity defined as such by the rules, and has a 
name and a map coordinate. This coordinate must be within a region. [the 
intention is that at least some regions are player-created. Maybe towns?]

The following locations are defined; their locations are marked by asterisks on 
the map at the bottom of this rule. [to allow travel to regions before other 
locations are created]
- The Glass Desert of Antegria
- The Bourdian Train Hub
- The Great Ethernet Switch of Cagliostro
- The Dawsbergenian Garbage Dump
- Erehwon Lake
- Somewhere in Florin, which has no description yet.
- " " " " " "  Guilder, " " " " " " " " " " " " " "

Each player has a location switch. A player may flip their location switch to 
any location with sqrt((x2-x1)^2 + (y2-y1)^2)/10 days’ notice, where x1 and y1 
are the x and y coordinates of their current location, and x2 and y2 are the x 
and y coordinates of the location they wish to travel to. [This allows some 
shenanigans like declaring intents to move in two opposite directions and 
resolving them in succession to move way faster than you should be able to. I’m 
not sure if that’s a good thing or not.]

The regions and their contained coordinates are defined by the map below:

                  The Isle of Agora

                XX         XXXXXXXX
                X               X  XXXXXXXX
                X      *        X          XXXXXXXXXX
               XX               X                   XXXXXX
             XX    Antegria     X                         XXXX
           XX XX                XX     Borduria              XXX
          X    XXXX              X                        XXXX XX
        XX        X              XX       *           XXXXX     XX
      XX        *  XX           XX XX              XXXX          X
      X              XX      XX     XXX        XXXX              X
    XX  Erehwon       XXX XXX         XXX  XXXX                  X
    X                X XXX               XXX     Guilder        XX
   X         XXXXXXXX                   XXX XXXX                X
  X    XXXXXXX    XX     Florin        XX      XXXXX           XX
 XXXXXX            XXX               XXX           XXXXX     XX
 X                   XXX            XX                 XXXXXXX
 X                     XX         XX                      XXX
 X                       XX     XXX                      X
X    Cagliostro           XX   XX                      XX
X                          XXXXX                     XX
XX                          X      Dawsbergen       XX
  XXX              *        X                      X
     XXXX                  XX                    XX
         XXX               X         *          XX
            XXXXXX        XX                  XXX
                 XXXXXXXXXX               XXXXX
                         X XXXXXXXX  XXXXXX

[Ideas for using these mechanics:
- construction (towns? shops? farms?)
- regional rules/politics
- resources only available in certain regions

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