On Tue, 2018-02-13 at 13:33 -0800, Gaelan Steele wrote:
> Append to 2449 “winning the game”:
> When one or more players win the game:
> * Any intents to Declare Apathy by players who did not win are
> cancelled. 
> * Two Medals of Honor in the possession of each player who did not
> win are destroyed. 
> * The Tailor CAN and SHALL once and within a timely fashion remove
> two ribbons at random from the Ribbon Ownership of each player who
> did not win, excluding the White ribbon. 
> * [i would revoke some Trust Tokens, but that would require real
> recordkeeping]
> * [something relates to PAoAM if that gets a win condition]
> —
> Idea here is that winning would be a lot more meaningful if we had an
> incentive to stop it

I'd prefer to have a mix of competitive and solo win conditions.
Ribbons were intended to be entirely solo, for example, but competitive
win conditions have also existed in the past and worked pretty well.

Perhaps we should just add an old-fashioned point system into the rules
(if you get 100 points you win and everyone is reset to zero), together
with a really simple way to gain points that'll probably be amended
before anyone wins that way. (We could steal the points system from
Agora's initial ruleset, perhaps.)


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