> On Feb 14, 2018, at 7:58 PM, Gaelan Steele <> wrote:
> This contract accepts shinies as long as it has fewer than ((Pend Cost) + 1) 
> shines. It accepts no other assets.
> This contract maintains a piece of state known as the Proposal Puddle, 
> containing a set of micro-proposals each consisting of a title, adoption 
> index, author, and body of 50 words or fewer.
> A proposal cycle is the period between the publication of two Promotor 
> reports containing the contents of the Proposal Pool.
> Any player may add a micro-proposal to the Proposal Puddle by transferring 
> one shiny to this contract if it is currently accepting shinies, or by 
> announcement otherwise. Each player may do this no more than twice per 
> proposal cycle.
> Once per proposal cycle, Gaelan SHALL create and pend a proposal with the 
> following properties:
> Title: Any title containing “Micro-Proposals”
> Author: Gaelan
> Co-authors: The set of all players who authored one or more micro-proposals 
> in the Proposal Puddle
> Adoption Index: The maximum Adoption Index of any micro-proposal in the 
> Proposal Puddle
> Text: The below text, followed by the contents of the Proposal Puddle.
> {
> For each of the micro-proposals below:
> 1. Resolve the votes cast on the micro-proposal as if it were an Agoran 
> Decision for a full proposal, taking into account votes from all players.
> 2. If the result of the resolution is FOR, give the micro-proposal power 
> equal to its Adoption Index.
> }
> Once each proposal cycle after pending this proposal, Gaelan may cause this 
> contract to transfer to em the Pend Cost in shines.

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