patching auctions, but think there should be a deeper change 
because zombies are pretty powerful and unchecked right now.
Also, zombies from actual natural persons has a bit of baggage.

But the bidding's pretty cool, so Outline for discussion.  This
nerfs them a bit but hopefully not so much that they're not worth
a bunch.

  1.  Zombies are artificial persons named in the rules, not
  natural persons.  Total fixed at ~6.

  2.  No one can own more than one zombie.

  3.  zombies revert to Agora after (time), suggesting 60-90 days 
  from end of auction.

  4.  zombies CANNOT register/deregister, object/support, or
  enter contracts.  Everything else like persons.

  5.  Registrar is encouraged to time auctions so as to conduct
  single auctions for multiple zombies (multiple lots).

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