Sorry this has taken so long. I was buried in work for the weekend and
the first half of the week, and I've been recovering since. Anyway,
here's my draft report.


I hereby distribute each listed proposal, initiating the Agoran
Decision of whether to adopt it, and removing it from the proposal
pool. For this decision, the vote collector is the Assessor, the
quorum is 3.0, the voting method is AI-majority and the valid options
are FOR and AGAINST (PRESENT is also a valid vote, as are conditional

ID     Author(s)    AI   Title                       Pender      Pend fee
8016*  Alexis       2.4  PCOF [1]                    Alexis      3 sh.
8017*  Alexis       3.0  RTRW Cleanups               Alexis      WO [2]
8018*  Alexis       3.0  Random Bad Rule Cleaning    Alexis      WO [2]
8019*  Alexis       3.0  Crime Reform                Alexis      WO [2]
8020*  Aris         2.0  Office Restructuring        Aris        3 sh.

The proposal pool currently contains the following proposals:

ID    Author(s)     AI   Title
pp1   Alexis        1.0  Supportive Proposals
pp2   G.            2.0  Limit Numerical silliness
pp3   G.            1.0  Anyone can balance Karma

[1] Paradoxical Contract Obligation Fix
[2] Pended Without Objection

Legend: <ID>* : Proposal is pending.

A proposal may be pended for 3 shinies or Without Objection.

The full text of the aforementioned proposals is included below.

ID: 8016
Title: Paradoxical Contract Obligation Fix
Adoption index: 2.4
Author: Alexis

Amend Rule 2523 "Contracts as Agreements" by replacing "If whether an
action is permitted or forbidden by a contract" with "If whether an action
is permitted, forbidden, required, or made optional by a contract".

ID: 8017
Title: RTRW Cleanups
Adoption index: 3.0
Author: Alexis

Amend Rule 1688 (Power) by deleting the paragraph "Power less than one is
called Ephemeral power, and an instrument with a power less than one is an
Ephemeral instrument.".

Amend Rule 2141 (Role and Attributes of Rules) by replacing "the
Rulekeepor SHALL assign a title" with "the Rulekeepor CAN and SHALL assign
a title".

Amend Rule 2221 (Cleanliness) by replacing "capitalization," with
"capitalization, formatting,". [I wanted to clean up some list bullet
formatting, but found the rule doesn't allow it.]

Amend Rule 2124 (Agoran Satisfaction) by replacing "the Executor of the
announcement of intent is not eligible" with "the initiator of the intent
is not eligible". [This deserves a note: we previously defined the Executor
of a message to be the player who sent it, but that definition disappeared
at some time. The effect was that if you were acting on behalf of someone
else to intend something, you couldn't support the intent. But this wording
accomplishes roughly the same effect, since under the old interpretation
you could just have the player you acted on behalf of to intend the intent
support it, seeing as there was no prohibition on it.]

Amend Rules 1728 (Dependent Actions) and 2124, in that order, by replacing
each instance of "With N Supporters" (case-insensitive) with "With N

Amend Rule 991 (Calls for Judgement) by replacing "within a week" with "in
a timely fashion".

Amend Rule 2492 (Recusal) to read as follows:
   A judge CAN recuse emself from a CFJ e is assigned to by
   announcement. When a judge recuses emself from a CFJ, then

   * the CFJ becomes unassigned;

   * the recused judge becomes ineligible to be assigned as a judge
     for a week; and

   * the recused judge SHOULD suggest another judge for the CFJ to
     make the Arbitor's job easier.

Amend Rule 2427 (Yellow Cards), by replacing "MAY" with "CAN",

Amend Rule 2449 (Winning the Game) by adding " once, by announcement" after
"Patent Title of Champion".

Amend Rule 2509 (Numerical Switches) by replacing "In particular, a
"natural" switch is a switch with possible values of the non-negative
integers." with "In particular, a natural or integer switch is a switch
with possible values the non-negative integers or all integers,

ID: 8018
Title: Random Bad Rule Cleaning
Adoption index: 3.0
Author: Alexis

Repeal Rule 2443 (Expediting Proposals).
Repeal Rule 2431 (Proposal Competitions).
Repeal Rule 2530 (Poetry Duel Challenge Writ).
Amend Rule 2160 (Deputisation) to read as follows:

  A player (the deputy) CAN perform an action ordinarily reserved
  for an office-holder as if e held the office if

  1. the rules require the holder of that office, by virtue of
     holding that office, to perform the action (this requirement is
     fulfilled by the deputy performing the action);

  2. it would be POSSIBLE for the deputy to perform the action,
     other than by deputisation, if e held the office;

  3. either (i) a time limit by which the rules require the action
     to be performed has expired or (ii) the office is vacant.

  4. either (i) the office is vacant, (ii) the aforementioned
     time limit expired more than fourteen days ago, or (iii) the
     deputy announced between two and fourteen days earlier that e
     intended to deputise for that office for the purposes of the
     particular action.

  5. the deputy, when performing the action, announces that e
     is doing so by deputisation.

  When a player deputises for an elected office, e becomes the
  holder of that office, unless the action being performed would
  already install someone into that office.

ID: 8019
Title: Crime Reform
Adoption index: 3.0
Author: Alexis

Amend Rule 2143 (Official Reports) by deleting both sentences containing
the word "crime" (case-insensitive).

Amend Rule 2202 (Ratification Without Objection) by deleting the sentence
containing the word "crime" (case-insensitive).

ID: 8020
Title: Office Restructuring
Adoption index: 2.0
Author: Alexis

[Change the office rule so that a player can be confirmed as the non-interim
holder of an office by apathy. If e wants it, and no one else cares enough
to run an election, the electoral process would probably be a waste of time

Amend Rule 1006, "Offices", by changing the text

  A holder of an elected office who did not become its holder by
  winning an election, and has not won an election for that office
  since, is an interim holder. An elected office that is either
  vacant or has an interim holder is an interim office.

to read

  A holder of an elected office is interim if and only if

  a. e did not become its holder by winning an election;
  b. e has not since won an election for that office; and
  c. e has not held the office continuously for 30 days
     without an election for the office being initiated.

     An elected office that is either vacant or has an interim holder
     is an interim office.

[Make it slightly easier to remove bad officeholders. I thought of adding a
temporary suspension procedure, but I can't think of a situation where it would
be needed and we couldn't just Black Card the player. Can always be added in
later though. This is intended for abuses that don't necessarily involve
a breach of the rules, but where we still don't want the person in the office.]

Enact a new power 2.0 rule, entitled "Impeachment", with the following text:

  A player CAN be expelled (impeached) from a specified elected office which
  e holds with 2 Agoran Consent. When a person is impeached from an office,
  an election is immediately opened for that office. Players SHOULD NOT use
  this method of removal unless the officer has abused the powers of eir
  office or otherwise shown emself unworthy the trust of Agora.

ID: pp1
Title: Supportive Proposals
Adoption index: 1.0
Author: Alexis

Amend Rule 2445 by replacing "Without Objection" with "With 3 Support".

ID: pp2
Title: Limit Numerical silliness
Adoption index: 2.0
Author: G.

Amend Rule 2509 (Numerical Switches) by inserting the following text
before the first paragraph:

  A "number" is considered to refer to a real number, unless
  otherwise explicitly specified.  A "number of (items)", where
  (items) is a set of discrete entities, is considered to refer to
  a non-negative integer, unless otherwise explicitly specified.

Change the title of R2509 to 'Agoran Numbers'.

ID: pp3
Title: Anyone can balance Karma
Adoption index: 1.0
Author: G.

[Allows anyone to aid in balancing Agora's karmic books]

Amend Rule 2510 (Such is Karma):

by replacing:
  2. Specify any other player
  2. Specify any other player or Agora

and by replacing:
  3. Specify any player
  3. Specify any player or Agora

and by inserting the following list item after the list item numbered 3:
  4. Not result in Agora's karma moving farther away from 0.

and by replacing each instance of 'player' with 'entity' in the
paragraph beginning 'When a valid Notice of Honour is published'.

Amend Rule 2511 (Karmic Balance) by deleting the paragraph beginning
'While the Karma of Agora is not equal to 0'.


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