I like this. I'll have more detailed comments when it's typed up in a
proposal, but I think that this fits with the spirit of what we're going
for. Certainly it is a good idea to have a neutral spawn point, even if the
colors don't mean that much yet. I suggest just calling the facility type
"fountain", and letting people refer to it as "the fountain", because
there's only one. You could even make it an explicit singleton. Something
to the effect of "There is a unique facility, know as 'the fountain', and
(0, 0). It... <properties>." I'd also suggest not referencing
 Rule 2029 by number (and definitely don't include the revision id).
Instead, either just say "the town fountain", or let people figure it out
for themselves (my personal favored option).


On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 4:05 PM Kenyon Prater <kprater3...@gmail.com> wrote:

> A very rough draft for a proposal. I'm going to hold off on writing it up
> until the current mess is resolved, but I wanted to get feedback on whether
> the idea is interesting to people
> The proposal would: {
> Create a Land Type of "Gray". Land that has Land Type "Gray" is gray land.
> Gray land cannot support any facilities except those specifically stated to
> be allowed on gray land. If land becomes gray land, any facilities on it
> are destroyed, except for those specifically stated to be allowed on gray
> land.
> Gray land cannot be owned by any entity other than Agora. If land becomes
> Gray land, it is transfered to Agora.
> Gray land is treated as "the same" as both white and black for the purposes
> of movement, ie it only costs one apple to move from any non-aether land to
> gray, and only one apple to move from gray to any non-aether land.
> Set (0, 0) to Gray land.
> Create a new facility type "the fountain". Only one the fountain may exist
> at any one time. The fountain may exist on gray land, and may only exist on
> gray land. Players MAY and SHOULD think of this fountain as referring to
> the one depicted in Rule 2029/0 "Town Fountain". The fountain may only be
> owned by Agora. The fountain has no upkeep cost, and neither refines nor
> produces anything, except as specified in other proposals.
> Create a "the fountain" at (0, 0) belonging to Agora.
> }
> My goal with the draft was to to;
> 1) make the number of preserved squares each color had equal.
> 2) To ensure that the spawn at (0,0) was neutral to both colors (right now,
> a player residing on one of the colors has to spend an extra apple to move
> back home as compared to somebody residing equally far on the other color).
> 3) To provide a meeting ground for players for future rules to use. One
> could imagine a rule specifying that all players at (0,0) on Agora's
> Birthday CAN [do something]. Or this could be integrated into the justice
> reform; to rid themselves of weevils/blots/whatever, players must make a
> pilgrimage to the fountain to give [currency].

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