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On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 5:22 PM, Aris Merchant
<> wrote:
> I like this. I'll have more detailed comments when it's typed up in a
> proposal, but I think that this fits with the spirit of what we're going
> for. Certainly it is a good idea to have a neutral spawn point, even if the
> colors don't mean that much yet. I suggest just calling the facility type
> "fountain", and letting people refer to it as "the fountain", because
> there's only one. You could even make it an explicit singleton. Something
> to the effect of "There is a unique facility, know as 'the fountain', and
> (0, 0). It... <properties>." I'd also suggest not referencing
>  Rule 2029 by number (and definitely don't include the revision id).
> Instead, either just say "the town fountain", or let people figure it out
> for themselves (my personal favored option).

I agree with everything Aris said here.

> -Aris
> On Wed, Feb 28, 2018 at 4:05 PM Kenyon Prater <> wrote:
>> A very rough draft for a proposal. I'm going to hold off on writing it up
>> until the current mess is resolved, but I wanted to get feedback on whether
>> the idea is interesting to people
>> The proposal would: {
>> Create a Land Type of "Gray". Land that has Land Type "Gray" is gray land.
>> Gray land cannot support any facilities except those specifically stated to
>> be allowed on gray land. If land becomes gray land, any facilities on it
>> are destroyed, except for those specifically stated to be allowed on gray
>> land.

Maybe to avoid redundancy, you could term these facilities "gray
facilities". Or even make a rule that says "X facilities" where X is a
land type in case we decide to restrict the land types some facilities
can be on in the future.

>> Gray land cannot be owned by any entity other than Agora. If land becomes
>> Gray land, it is transfered to Agora.

*transferred. Maybe also say that Gray land is always preserved. That
way, no one can modify any of the facilities on the gray land.

>> Gray land is treated as "the same" as both white and black for the purposes
>> of movement, ie it only costs one apple to move from any non-aether land to
>> gray, and only one apple to move from gray to any non-aether land.
>> Set (0, 0) to Gray land.
>> Create a new facility type "the fountain". Only one the fountain may exist
>> at any one time. The fountain may exist on gray land, and may only exist on
>> gray land. Players MAY and SHOULD think of this fountain as referring to
>> the one depicted in Rule 2029/0 "Town Fountain". The fountain may only be
>> owned by Agora. The fountain has no upkeep cost, and neither refines nor
>> produces anything, except as specified in other proposals.

Just "Fountain" please.

>> Create a "the fountain" at (0, 0) belonging to Agora.
>> }
>> My goal with the draft was to to;
>> 1) make the number of preserved squares each color had equal.
>> 2) To ensure that the spawn at (0,0) was neutral to both colors (right now,
>> a player residing on one of the colors has to spend an extra apple to move
>> back home as compared to somebody residing equally far on the other color).
>> 3) To provide a meeting ground for players for future rules to use. One
>> could imagine a rule specifying that all players at (0,0) on Agora's
>> Birthday CAN [do something]. Or this could be integrated into the justice
>> reform; to rid themselves of weevils/blots/whatever, players must make a
>> pilgrimage to the fountain to give [currency].

Very nice. Perhaps Cuddlebeam's idea for arenas could have a physical
manifestation on a piece of gray land. This also makes it really nice
for future Agora-sponsored activities that take place on a map.


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