On Wed, 7 Mar 2018, Gaelan Steele wrote:

Side note: would anybody be against my report being formatted as an HTML table, as long as I also provided a plain text version of the email (as a MIME alternative)? The rules require my report to be in plain text, but one could argue it doesn't prohibit the report from being in another format as well. I won't do it if people are against it, but I think it would help the people who view Agora in an email client with a fixed with font. (Side side note: if you have this problem or want more up-to-date information, use the online report!)

I don't think you can. Some time last year (or was it the previous), people got so fed up with messages looking extremely different for different people that a proposal was voted through to ask the Distributor to strip away HTML alternatives and auto-convert to plain text if there wasn't any already.


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