I just published the FLR and SLR deputizing as Rulekeepor. CoE away! If
people get a chance, I'd appreciate as many eyes as possible on them, since
I'm betting there's at least a couple errors I missed somewhere.

My current understanding of the state of the rules is:
 - Welcome Packages fail because they try to reenact an incorrect rule.
 - Paydays still mention cards because the PAoaM Patch overwrites any
changes that may have existed.
 - There is no mechanism to put items into a facility.
 - Medal of Honor votes are broken because they attempt to redefine "valid
 - Other things are working as intended, including PAoaM stuff.

I'll submit a pull request to the agora github and to the gh-pages branch

... or at least I think I sent the FLR and SLR, but they aren't showing up
on the archives yet. Has anybody else gotten them? I'm wondering if there
might have been a problem in sending them...


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