On Mon, 9 Apr 2018, Gaelan Steele wrote:
> Is a timing scam an abuse of an office? Does acting on omd’s behalf change 
> this?

Thinking about this more, all the info on auction end timing was public,
and my rapid transfer after the auction was just to get it done, offered
no particular game advantage compared to someone who's not the Registrar.

Out of a gross abundance of caution/fair play, I'm not going to bid on the 
land auctions that end in a couple hours tho I was thinking of it - that's
the only place I might have an advantage (e.g. if I didn't get others'
zombies to them in time for them to use the money to bid on land).  I'm
going to be AFK between now and when the land auction ends so it would be
unfair for me to use those funds I just got as I can't do the same for
other zombie auction winners.

Can't think of any other place the quick timing helps me...?

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