Hey absolute hypothetical fellas: what would happen if I made a
contract that said "this contract automatically amends itself to
whatever text V.J. Rada speaks in front of his computer after saying
zibbledy zobbldy zam" or something like that. would that work? and
could I make the position of assets unknowable to that technology?

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 8:04 PM, Ned Strange <edwardostra...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I create the following contract and transfer to it all of my assets. I
> also have PSS join this contract, acting on eir behalf. This contract
> appears to be a scam, having PSS join it is therefore scary to the
> game, therefore I switch PSS's Owes a Scare Switch to FALSE.
> Is anyone keeping track of Owes a Scare Switches?
> Title: Hi!
> Text: Nobody can join this contract except V.J. Rada and Publius
> Scribonius Scholasticus. Whenever V.J. Rada provides an action for
> this contract to take via agora-discussion, this contract takes that
> action. Whenever V.J. Rada provides a dispersal of assets from this
> contract via agora-discussion, this contract disperses those assets in
> the specified way. Whenever V.J. Rada provides a new text for this
> contract via agora-discussion, this contract amends itself to have the
> specified text.
> This contract can own any and all assets.
> --
> From V.J. Rada

>From V.J. Rada

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