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On Sun, Apr 8, 2018 at 6:38 AM, ATMunn <iamingodsa...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I submit the following proposal:
> Name: Medals of Honour Correction Act
> AI: 1
> Author: ATMunn
> Co-author(s): none
> In rule 2529 "Medals of Honour", amend the first paragraph after the bullet
> list to read as follows:
> {
> Beginning in the second Eastman week of an Agoran month and ending when the
> next Agoran month begins, if there are any players who are eligible for a
> Medal of Honour, the Herald CAN, by announcement, initiate an Agoran
> Decision on who is to be awarded a Medal of Honour. E SHALL do so within the
> second Eastman week of that Agoran month. For this decision, the valid
> options are all players who are eligible for a Medal of Honour, the vote
> collector is the Herald, and the voting method is instant-runoff. Upon the
> resolution of this decision, the Herald CAN, and SHALL in a timely fashion,
> award the outcome of the decision a Medal of Honour by announcement. After a
> player is awarded a Medal of Honour, all players who were previously
> eligible for a Medal of Honour become no longer eligible.
> }
> [Changes: Allowed the election to be started late if needed, and changed
> "valid votes" to "valid options" so the election isn't trying to override
> the valid votes.]

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