ATMunn wrote:

Oh man, it's been so long since I've been ADoP so I forget if I can do this but if I can:

I initiate an election for Referee, and become a candidate in that election.

I'm catching up on e-mail, should be done within the hour.

As I understand it, this is ineffective, as you do need to be the ADoP
even though the office was vacant and thus interim. Rule 2154, excerpt:

      A player CAN initiate an election for a specified office:

      a) With 2 Support, if either the office is interim or the most
      recent election for that office was resolved more than 90 days
      prior, and provided that the initiator becomes a candidate in the
      same message.

      b) By announcement, if e is the ADoP and if the office is interim,
      or if e is the holder of that office.

Also, has anyone noticed the extra 'not' in Gaelan's signature? I
suspect it's intentional sneakiness.

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