That wasn't really what I meant. Winning is it's own incentive, along with
Champion and maybe the chance of getting Speaker. This is more like an
extra reward. It's just a small bonus that acknowledges the victory.

The basic idea for the new system is driven by things I've noticed in video
games. Crystals are essentially a premium currency. They provide a path
through the annoyance and limitations ordinarily associated with gameplay.
My next version will allow a player to expend one to teleport, for
instance. Unlike land and the economic currencies, which are essential,
these are optional and correspondingly more limited. My hope is that the
limited supply will drive prices to ridiculous levels, which should
hopefully provide an outlet for wealth. The award for new players is
designed to give them some starting capital, which they can either save or
trade away.


On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 6:13 PM, ATMunn <> wrote:
> So winning the game is not as valuable as winning an auction?
> On 4/12/2018 8:46 PM, Aris Merchant wrote:
>> Title: Crystals
>> Adoption index: 2.0
>> Author: Aris
>> Co-author(s):
>> [I'm changing it so that players CAN upgrade facilities they don't own,
>> let me know if that's a problem.]
>> Amend Rule 2562, Facility Ranks, to read as follows:
>>    Rank is a secured facility switch tracked by the Cartographor
>> defaulting
>>    to 1, with possible values of all positive integers.
>>    A player CAN increase the rank of a facility that is at eir location
>>    exactly 1 by announcement by paying any upgrade costs of the facility
>> for
>>    that specific rank, provided that e has not already done so twice for
>> that
>>    facility in the same Agoran week. A player CAN increase the rank of a
>>    facility by N by announcement by destroying N crystals in eir
>> possession.
>> Enact a new rule, entitled "Crystals" (Power = 2.0), with the following
>> text
>>    Crystals, are a currency, with the Treasuror as their recordkeepor.
>>    They may be owned by Agora, persons, and contracts. The following
>>    are defined:
>>    - Bronze Crystal, 1 crystal
>>    - Silver Crystal, 2 crystals
>>    - Gold Crystal, 4 crystals
>>    - Platinum Crystal, 8 crystals
>> Amend the rule defining welcome packages by adding as a new item,
>> appropriately
>> numbered, at the end of the list "1 Bronze Crystal".
>> Amend Rule 2483, Economics, by changing the text "The following
>> are
>> defined, and are tracked by the Treasuror." to read "The following
>> currencies,
>> known collectively as economic currencies, are defined, and are tracked
>> the
>> Treasuror."
>> Enact a new rule, "Crystal Rewards" (Power = 2.0), with the following
>> text:
>>    When a person wins the game, if e has not won in the preceding month,
>> Bronze
>>    Crystal is created in eir possession.
>>    A player CAN, by announcement, destroy a crystal in eir possession
>>    to create 5 economic currencies of specified, possibly varying type.
>> [I expect the above to be expanded in future.]
>> Enact a new rule, entitled "Crystal Auctions" (Power = 2.0), with the
>> following
>> text:
>>    At the beginning of each month, the Treasuror CAN and SHALL initiate
>>    auction. For this auction, the announcer is the Treasuror, the
>> auctioneer is
>>    Agora, the minimum bid is 1, and there is one lot, chosen as follows:
>>      - January: Gold Crystal
>>      - February: Silver Crystal
>>      - March: Silver Crystal
>>      - April: Gold Crystal
>>      - May: Silver Crystal
>>      - June: Silver Crystal
>>      - July: Platinum Crystal
>>      - August: Silver Crystal
>>      - September: Silver Crystal
>>      - October: Gold Crystal
>>      - November: Silver Crystal
>>      - December: Silver Crystal
>>    When the winner of the auction pays eir bid, the auctioned crystal is
>>    immediately created in eir possession.

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