I don't consider 1 auctions/5 auctions to be a patch.  It works as is,
but some people want it a different way (never mind that includes the
original author).  As it's controversial, please leave it on its own.

On Fri, 13 Apr 2018, Aris Merchant wrote:
> Okay, I'm going to write up a patch proposal. I'll take any reasonably
> uncontroversial patches, whether in typed up form or just with a
> description of the problem and a link to any previous discussion.
> Things I'm aware of:
> - Treasuror is undefined
> - Welcome packages are undefined
> - The 1 auction/5 auctions problem
> - The thing where you can transfer things into a facility from everywhere
> If I've missed anything, or you disagree with any of these, please let me 
> know.
> -Aris

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