As it turns out, two of the reforms I was pushing for, proposal rewards and unique officer salaries, could both be found in a rule from last year! In an effort to get discussion going quick, I haven't actually made the salaries unique yet. A proto-proposal follows:


Title: Reinstituting rewards
AI: 2
Author: Trigon

Amend rule 1006 "Offices" by appending the following paragraph:

      An office's salary is a non-null set of assets to be described in
      the rule defining the office. If no salary is defined for an
      office, then the salary is set to 3 coins.

Re-enact rule 2496 "Rewards" [1].

Amend rule 2496 "Rewards" by replacing its text with:

      A Reward is a specified amount of assets associated with a Reward
      Condition. For each time a player meets a Reward Condition, e CAN
      claim the specified award, by announcement, exactly once within 7
      days of meeting the Reward Condition. When a player claims a
      reward, e SHOULD list which assets e receives.

      When a player 'claims' a Reward, Agora creates in that Player's
      possession the correct amount of assets.

      Below is an exhaustive list of Reward Conditions and their
      associated rewards:

      -  Being the author of an adopted proposal: 3 coins

      -  Publishing a duty-fulfilling report: the officer's salary

Amend Rule 2559 "Paydays" by replacing its text with:

      Whenever a Payday occurs, the following assets are created in the
      possession of each player:

      -  10 coins
      -  5 apples
      -  2 papers

      The occurrence of Paydays is secured.  At the beginning of each
      month, a Payday occurs.


[1] The full history of the mentioned rule:
Enacted by Proposal 7867 "Economics Overhaul v2" (nichdel; with o,
  grok, Aris), Aug 30, 2017
Amended(1) by Proposal 7871 "Minor fixes (sans typos)" (V.J. Rada),
  Sep 07, 2017
Amended(2) by Proposal 7876 "Float On" (o), Sep 26, 2017
Amended(3) by Proposal 7888 "BILLY MAYS HERE" (o; with V.J. Rada), Sep
  26, 2017
Amended(4) by Proposal 7897 "University Funding" (Cuddle Beam), Sep
  26, 2017
Amended(5) by Proposal 7911 "Infinite Money Fix" (V.J. Rada), Oct 15,
Amended(6) by Proposal 7980 "" (ATMunn; with Alexis), Nov 26, 2017
Repealed by Proposal 8004 "Rusty" (G.), Jan 31, 2018


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