Ah, I just assumed that CB voted FOR the proposal. I didn't look at any discussion threads or whatever.

Also, I'm not sure how I missed the Gray Ribbon thing, lol. Revision coming soon (i.e. when I finish reading messages)

On 6/11/2018 8:34 PM, Kerim Aydin wrote:


I'm afraid I have to CoE:  CoE:  CuddleBeam does not have a
Black Ribbon.  The only people eligible to earn Black Ribbons in
April 2018 (to my knowledge) were players who voted FOR Proposal 8035.

Also CoE:  Since you awarded the Gray Ribbon "before" the report,
you need to have it in the Report or it will self-ratify away.

On Mon, 11 Jun 2018, ATMunn wrote:
I finally got around to doing the report. Only took me a month. :P Note
that I didn't look through every single message since the last report,
and didn't look through a-o messages at all, so I may have missed some
ribbons. Feel free to CoE.

I award Trigon a Gray Ribbon. (I think everyone is really enjoying
PAoaM, so I wanted to reward Trigon for it.)

I publish the following report:


Date of this report: 2017-06-11
Date of last report: 2017-02-12

Festivity: 0

Players' ribbon holdings:

Aris               ROG  MUV P    T
ATMunn                         KA
Corona                         K
Cuddle Beam           C M V   WK
G.                 ROGCBMUVIPLWKAT
Gaelan                C MUV     A
Murphy                CB UV     A
nichdel             OGCBMUV P W AT
o                  ROG BMUV   WKAT
omd                   C  UV    KA
pokes                          K
Publius [1]           C MUV
Quazie              O C MUV    KA
Telnaior                       KA
Trigon                                                  A
Josh T. [3]              UV     A
V.J. Rada               MU   LWK

Non-players' ribbon holdings:

ais523             ROGCBMUV PLWKAT
Alexis             ROGCBMUVIP WKA
aranea             ROGCBM V PLW A
babelian                 U
Bayushi                 MU
Bede                    M     W
Chuck                   M
grok                O  BMUV
Ienpw III                UV
K                             W
Ørjan                   M V
Roujo                     V
Sprocklem               MUV   W A
stadjer                       W
Tanner Swett          C M
Tekneek                 M
Tiger                  BM
tmanthe2nd               UV
Veggiekeks            C  UV
Yally                   M
Zachary W [2]            U

[1] Publius Scribonius Scholasticus
[2] Zachary Watterson
[3] 天火狐

The rules for Ribbons are set out in rule 2438. A quick guide to how
most Ribbons work: various events cause you to "earn" a Ribbon; you
then "qualify for" that Ribbon for 7 days. While you qualify for a
Ribbon (and do not already own that Ribbon, and have not owned it
recently), any player can "award" you that Ribbon. A few Ribbons
work differently; see rule 2438 for details.

Approximate summary of how each type of Ribbon can be gained:
Red          Author an adopted proposal that amends a Power-3+ rule
Orange       Author a proposal that is unanimously adopted
Green        Hold an elected office for 30 days with no late duties
Cyan         Deputise for an office
Blue         Judge a CFJ without violating time limits to do so
Magenta      Acknowldge Agora's Birthday
Ultraviolet  Become Champion (typically by winning the game)
Violet       Gain a Patent Title (except Champion, degrees)
Indigo       Gain a degree
Platinum     Become the Speaker
Lime         Coauthor three adopted proposals within 7 days
White        Never have had a White Ribbon, or be gifted one by someone
                who has never gifted a White Ribbon
blacK        Awardable only by proposal or scam
GrAy         Awarded monthly at the Tailor's discretion
Transparent  Qualify for 5 Ribbons in the same week (ones you already
                have count)

History of Ribbon holdings:
2014-11-04  aranea          +W (new to Ribbons)
2014-11-04  aranea          +C (deputising for Tailor)
2014-11-06  Sprocklem       +W (new to Ribbons)
2014-11-09  omd             +C (deputising for King Azaz)
2014-11-14  Alexis          +C (deputising for Herald)
2015-01-07  G.              +C (deputising for Referee)
2015-04-17  stadjer         +W (new to Ribbons)
2015-05-01  aranea          +R (Proposal 7736)
2015-05-01  aranea          +O (Proposal 7735)
2015-05-01  aranea          +L (Proposal 7735-37)
2015-05-01  G.              +R (Proposal 7734)
2015-05-01  G.              +O (Proposal 7738)
2015-05-01  G.              +L (Proposal 7734,38,39)
2015-05-01  G.              +P (appointed Speaker)
2015-05-12  ais523          +O (Proposal 7742)
2015-05-12  Alexis          +P (appointed Speaker)
2015-05-13  Alexis          +G (as Tailor)
2015-05-22  G.              +B (CFJ 3448)
2015-05-23  Alexis          +B (CFJ 3447)
2015-05-24  G.              +W (gifted by aranea)
2015-06-09  ais523          +G (as Prime Minister)
2015-06-29  Alexis          +M
2015-06-29  aranea          +M
2015-06-29  ais523          +M
2015-06-29  the Warrigal    +M
2015-06-29  Sprocklem       +M
2015-06-29  Tiger           +M
2015-06-29  G.              +M
2015-06-29  Bede            +M
2015-06-30  Gaelan          +M
2015-06-30  aranea          +A
2015-06-30  Alexis          +O (Proposal 7753)
2015-07-10  G.              +G (as Arbitor)
2015-07-12  aranea          +V ("Unchampion")
2015-07-26  Alexis          +A
2015-07-28  aranea          +B (CFJ 3449)
2015-08-03  ais523          +V ("Silver Quill 2015/07")
2015-08-10  Tiger           +B (CFJ 3451)
2015-08-11  omd             +K (by Proposal 7784)
2015-08-11  ais523          +K (by Proposal 7784)
2015-08-11  Alexis          +K (by Proposal 7784)
2015-08-11  Alexis          +R (Proposal 7772)
2015-08-11  Alexis          +P
2015-08-17  omd             +A
2015-08-21  ais523          +U
2015-08-21  omd             +U
2015-08-21  Alexis          +U
2015-09-30  Gaelan          +A
2015-10-08  Bede            +W (new to Ribbons)
2015-10-21  G.              +A
2015-11-27  Murphy          +C (deputising for Secretary)
2015-11-28  ais523          +P
2015-11-29  Murphy          +A
2016-02-21  Sprocklem       +A
2016-06-26  nichdel         +C (deputising for Registrar)
2016-06-30  Tekneek         +M
2016-06-30  nichdel         +M
2016-07-14  nichdel         +A
2016-08-01  omd             +V ("Distributor")
2016-08-20  ais523          +A
2016-10-13  Alexis          +C (deputising for Referee)
2016-10-13  Alexis          +A
2016-11-10  Alexis          +V ("Princess of Agora", via dictatorship)
2017-03-26  Tanner Swett    +C (deputising for ADoP)
2017-04-18  Quazie          +C (deputising for Superintendent)
2017-04-18  Publius [1]     +C (deputising for Registrar)
2017-05-10  o               +O (proposal 7846)
2017-05-10  o               +G (as Secretary)
2017-05-10  o               +B (CFJ 3485)
2017-05-10  o               +W (new to Ribbons)
2017-05-10  o               +T (+OGBWR)
2017-05-10  o               +R (proposal 7846)
2017-05-18  ais523          +C (deputising for Tailor)
2017-05-18  o               +A
2017-05-21  nichdel         +G (as Assessor)
2017-05-21  nichdel         +B (CFJ 3499)
2017-05-21  nichdel         +U
2017-05-21  nichdel         +P
2017-05-21  nichdel         +W (new to Ribbons)
2017-05-21  nichdel         +T (+GBUPW)
2017-05-22  ais523          +B (CFJ 3504)
2017-05-22  ais523          +T (+OBUVC)
2017-05-23  grok            +B (CFJ 3507)
2017-05-24  nichdel         +O (proposal 7852)
2017-05-25  tmanthe2nd      +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  G.              +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  CuddleBeam      +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Ienpw III       +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  nichdel         +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  o               +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Ørjan           +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Aris            +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Murphy          +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Quazie          +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Publius [1]     +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Sprocklem       +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Veggiekeks      +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Roujo           +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  Gaelan          +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  [2]             +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-05-25  grok            +V ("Badge of the Great Agoran Revival")
2017-06-02  G.              +I
2017-06-05  ais523          +R (proposal 7853)
2017-06-05  Quazie          +O (proposal 7855)
2017-06-05  grok            +O (proposal 7857)
2017-06-10  Veggikeks       +C (deputising for Reportor)
2017-06-10  Murphy          +B (CFJ 3522)
2017-06-24  ais523          +W (status of ambiguous Ribbon determined)
2017-06-24  Alexis          +W (status of ambiguous Ribbon determined)
2017-06-28  Quazie          +K
2017-06-29  Quazie          +M
2017-06-29  CuddleBeam      +M
2017-06-29  Publius [1]     +M
2017-06-29  Chuck           +M
2017-06-29  Yally           +M
2017-06-29  grok            +M
2017-06-29  Aris            +M
2017-06-29  Bayushi         +M
2017-06-30  o               +M
2017-06-30  V.J. Rada       +M
2017-06-30  Ørjan           +M
2017-07-04  CuddleBeam      +W
2017-07-06  o               +A
2017-08-23  K               +W
2017-08-24  Quazie          +A
2017-09-06  Aris            +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  babelian        +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Bayushi         +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Gaelan          +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  grok            +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Ienpw III       +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Murphy          +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  o               +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Publius         +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Quazie          +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Sprocklem       +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  tmanthe2nd      +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  V.J. Rada       +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Veggiekeks      +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Zachary W [2]   +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  Josh T. [3]     +U (Apathy)
2017-09-06  V.J. Rada       +W (never owned before)
2017-09-13  Quazie          +P
2017-09-26  ais523          +L (proposals 7881, 7882, 7886)
2017-09-26  V.J. Rada       +L (proposals 7881, 7885, 7888)
2017-09-29  Aris            +R (proposal 7889)
2017-10-03  G.              +T (U [Apathy], P, O [proposal 7899],
                               C [Assessor], B [CFJ 3567])
2017-10-09  G.              -T (ratification of an incorrect ADoP report)
2017-10-23  G.              +T (by proposal 7922)
2017-10-28  ATMunn          +A
2017-11-02  Alexis          +I (self-ratification)
2017-11-02  Alexis          +G (self-ratification)
2017-11-29  Josh T. [3]     +A
2017-12-11  Telnaior        +A
2018-02-04  Cuddle Beam     +C
2018-02-05  Aris            +P
2018-02-12  Telnaior        +K (self-ratification)
----- time of last report -----
2018-04-27  G.              +K
2018-04-27  omd             +K
2018-04-27  o               +K
2018-04-27  pokes           +K
2018-04-28  V.J. Rada       +K
2018-04-28  Corona          +K
2018-04-28  Quazie          +K
2018-04-28  Cuddle Beam     +K
2018-04-29  ATMunn          +K
2018-05-02  Aris            +G (for Regkeepor)
2018-05-02  Aris            +O (for proposal 8041)
2018-05-02  Aris            +T (G [Regkeepor], O [proposal 8041], P, R
                                                          [proposal 8040], W
[never owned before])

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